Build a Safe Learning Environment as a Pre-primary Teacher

Teaching is an art and teachers are artists. If you see closely you will be fascinated to see how expertly they “run their rooms” and when it comes to pre-primary folks, the innovation and creativity on the teacher’s part heighten considerably. Here are a few ways that pre-primary teachers adopt to ensure that their classroom displays a safe, open and inviting learning atmosphere.




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  • Relationship Building: A very essential aspect of the pre-primary class, relationship building involves strategies and lessons. You can practice activity like “Save the Last Word for Me”, which allows kids to come up with their personal thoughts and ideas thus developing unison and practicing collaboration. This initiates emotional safety in the classroom.
  • Love and Kindness: Take every opportunity to model love and kindness and they will follow.
  • Be one of them: Laugh with them, read with them, paint with them – get down from the pedestal and they will be involved as much as you are helping you make them go about the lesson with greater ease.
  • Remain calm and patient: Once a teacher loses it and especially with young learners, it takes a very long time for them to rebuild that feeling of trust and safety within the four walls. Make sure you are patient and smiling and if you feel you are at the verge of losing it – simply step out of the door and breathe deeply a few times; it will be worth!
  • Mingle: The more you will mingle with your kids, the closer view you will get of their tensions and negative energy that brew with groups or among the children. The more you circulate, the more you become one of them thus being able to understand the air of the entire class.
  • Break the Grudge: If two kids fall out just give them a little space and mediate wisely and the childish pair will sort out in no time.
  • Modelled Vulnerability: This will work great with kids for if you want them to open up with the moments when they feel scared, confused or alone; you also need to do the same.
  • Smile very often: The more you will impart smile and laughter in the class, the more they will give you back and more the class will become an abode of safe environment.
  • Let them solve their own problems: Nothing can be as good as when students come up with ideas and solutions of their own problems. This will give them a sense of ownership making them more and more self sufficient.
  • Share laughter: Laugh together while doing an activity and the class ambience will become so much better.
  • Give your kids choice: Let your kids choose the assignments for that will make them feel they are doing what they wish to.
  • Spread Good Vibes: Irrespective of how young your kids are, they right away realize when teacher is not happy. Joy is contagious and so is sombreness. Whenever you realize the kids are going low on enthusiasm, rekindle the flame with a warmer, a fun session or alike.
  • Sit with your students: Be a member of their group sometimes, ask them about the ongoing activities or simply listen. This will surely make so much difference.
  • Art and Music feed the Soul: Incorporate as much art and music in the lessons on a routinely basis and the kids will take great interest in the lessons that follow.


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