Know These Answers before Starting a Teaching Career in Indonesia


The beaches of Indonesia have some amazing opportunities for graduates or aspirants seeking to unsettle their career after going through a formal teacher training course in Indonesia. Perhaps the most promising feature of the land is the exotic places and the culture. This is especially so for the city life of Jakarta. The metropolitan hub has unique features and better opportunities in terms of employment, training and educational facilities.

  • What the labyrinthian metropolis has to offer?

With the growing immigration rates in Indonesia, the capital city has been facing the impact of cosmopolitan hues. The reason is globalisation – which has the basic idea of interconnectedness and interdependencies. People across the world are coming as a part of the industrial developments, especially of the growing corporate cultural dominates by information technology, tourism etc. Meanwhile different ethnic interests often make it difficult for people to communicate effectively.

As a result, English is the internationally spoken and written languages are stepping into the lives of the Indonesia cultural. The city amplifies both the employment and educational opportunities prior to the use of English in the city. This is to make the nationalists and cultures from the world over make a comfortable home space here. To reach that comfort zone in real the diverse population requires proper English teachers who have already pursued TEFL course in Indonesia.

  • How can the journey be adventurous?

Talking about the climatic conditions, Jakarta is placed below the equator which makes it a tropical climate round the year. Culturally the city had a population over 9.5 million with most arrived from the Southern part of India, because of the land placed close to the Indian Continent. Since the Tarumanegara Empire Hindu southern Indians are sailing through the ocean to enlarge the human settlement in the Indonesian capital land. Hence, the religious Buddhist monks and Sundanese inhabitants make the place a different cultural heritage by taking an influence from the ancient history. Despite this, the nation has Muslim majority followed by 17,000 islands which officially crowns them as the largest archipelago in the world. Interestingly, the country has a wider range of dialects; perhaps it is here the trainers, teachers who are well-versed in any of the languages out of the 580.

  • What are the job opportunities?

The education industry is at its peak in the capital city, not only that they have other opportunities like tourism, embassies, marketing industry and others. Young aspirants who have done a teachers training course in Indonesia – be in the pre-primary, Montessori, or nursery classes and attending students who need to specially care for ADHD or autistic syndrome.

  • How TEFL becomes relevant in this case?

As a result, teachers who are well skilled in such sectors, that is to say, possess authentic certification must possess proper English communicative skills. This is not just to become a teacher at the international school but also for the English teacher who hails from a different nation-state to have a mandatory TEFL certificate program. So, in a way, one can state that the teacher training courses in Indonesia make things look positive by taking into account the TEFL courses.


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  1. This is really an interesting post, making any of the traveller or teaching thinking of going to Indonesia, consider the following points significantly.

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