Resource Management is an Important Part of Pre and Primary Teaching

It is the role of the teacher to enhance the learning achievement of the students. Resource or material management forms an important element for fulfillment of these learning goals. The pre and primary stage is the vital to the growth of a child life. They learn and unlearn and then again learn from their own. The teacher plays an important role as the observer and helping them by assisting in fulfilling their work. Herein teaching resources are absolutely quintessential element of learning.
Few resources that can be adopted to make the learning of young minds engrossing and engaging:-
Use of Overhead Projectors:
This is most essential in a class or seminar room. But few things are absolutely necessary to keep in mind. Like do not write the entire presentation matter but make relevant small points and then you explain those in your lectures. Talking and interacting is also necessary.
Using PowerPoint:
It is recommended not to use set templates rather make attractive slides with pictures on it. Text and Images should be animated with transitions to build up attention level. Video clips can also be incorporated to make it furthermore interesting. Add mini quiz at the end of three slides so that you could know that the students are following your instructions.
Use of Videos:
Video tape recorders can be used in varied ways to address both large and small groups of students. The images or moving objects must have clarity and always ask for students suggestions for improvement of anything or part. A carefully structured video can be a good starting point for initiating student’s discussion on important issues of their concern. These also enhance their technical skills and bring improvement their behavior and attitude. The students undertake some activities of recording videos. These are also fun doing and thus enhances their bonding with the teacher.
Materials-furniture and spacing and style:
The seating arrangement should not be in a simple row facing the teacher and the whiteboard. It should be placed in an innovative manner in U or O shape. There should be enough spaces in between so that the students can move from one place to another and demonstrate their skills. The shapes of the furniture should be innovative like animal shape without any sharp edge. This arrangement encourages open discussions herein all learn from participation rather than teacher –student direct learning model.
Flashcards, flipcharts and interactive whiteboards:
These teaching resources have its many advantages. You can stick them in the wall or ask students to hold them while you play games or explain those to them. All these form the modern classroom resources that enable students to engage in the learning process.
Role of Facilitator:
The teacher role has transformed from conventional tutor to facilitator. There has been complete revision of learning style from teacher centric to student centric. The teacher is not a passive observer. But his/her prime responsibilities now are to facilitate the student in performing their works successfully. Teacher must help them understanding the objective and purpose of a work and further guiding them with the manual and assembling the materials. This will facilitate the communication skill of the students. Then the teacher can ask non-directive questions stimulating further thinking. The teacher must never resist the student to take a leading role themselves and should never dictate.
Involving in writing jobs:
These encourage student’s independent learning. They learn to write by themselves and whenever they get stuck they know whom to look up to. The teacher can strategics on this by giving simple writing tasks initially. Once they pick up on it, and then involve them in complex statements and grammar games and phonology learning.
Thus it can be concluded that resources should be used and managed adequately by the pre and primary teacher in the classroom in making the learning interesting enough and in the process contribute in the overall growth and development of the children. ACT’s Pre and primary teachers training courses encourages high level of efficiency for the teachers. They could strike a perfect balance between monitoring and instructing the children. Resources are adequately used in fulfilment of these responsibilities. The pre and primary classroom are the most challenging for the teacher to handle. The trained teacher knows all the tricks and tactics to handle such a classroom of children of different age groups.

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