Start It Right from the Beginning

“The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out.” The famous American business tycoon Bill Gates has wisely touched the skyline of logical supremacy with his perception.
Preschool is a place where the kids go to play and learn. Early childhood refers to the first five years of a man’s life. This age group is typically the warmest age group and this phase is constantly changing.Hence the child’s first teacher is an integral part of the early learning process.This is the most vital period because the development is very fast and permanent. The nitty gritty facts of life stay put for lifelong learning and mental growth. The logical indications say that in this period the improvement of the brain makes a pathway which has sensitive impact on health, learning and behaviour all through the phases of life. It is a significant tradition of holding dear the early years of a child’s life and teaching them all the basic values and social skills. And the teacher is a person who has got the noble job of creating other professions and a secure future. It is crucial for the child to determine how they should behave in different context. A child is the future of the nation but it is our soul duty to bring up the child properly.

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On the part of the up to date teaching practice emphasis on getting teachers to be more operative at teaching this is very necessary for the pre-school teacher or care givers to be able to demonstrate the skills and inclination. Earlier this was conveyed through the families and genitors. But with the gradual changes in the social setting in the last few years the early childhood educator has got this valued position to shape those tiny minds. The pre school teachers are not allowed to yell at the kids or punish them hard. Early childhood is marked out as the prior period from birth to five years old. These five years are remarkable for the growth of brain and these five years lay the foundation for later on learning and development. Early Childhood Care and Education programs are responsible for attending health, nutrition and learning which provide holistic development for the children.

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The main objective of building up the groundwork for an overall development of a child’s involvements always takes in intensive child care and proper nutrition during early childhood.UNESCO advocates for Early Childhood Care and Education courses and works to encourage all the effective implementation of the institutions so that all young children can be helped to develop their potential to the fullest. The pre-school teachers hence need to be well trained and well read about the needs and the facts of early childhood. The aspiring teachers must have the knowledge of caring the young children and providing them a learning atmosphere.  This course involves the chance of actually working with children.International Early Childhood Education (ECE) is an open to change course available for all the aspiring and experienced who love being with kids and wish to shape the future of the little ones in the most innovative way. And when the kids will go to the big school one day and they will remember the things that you have stuck in their brains or their hearts at preschool.




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