A Teacher-Eye View of a Thai School Day

The Thai school with a class full of enthusiastic kids get ready to welcome their teacher with their sweet and adorable gestures as the morning alarm rings. As soon as you enter the class you are greeted with a big smile and a loud ‘Good Morning Teacher’ by the small kids and your day is made. Teaching the enthusiastic kids English, whose first language is Thai can be as exciting as watching a flower bloom. The class full of smiling Thai children is enough to provide you the confidence; especially if you love being with kids and seeing a bunch of happy faces will give you a great feeling and a new experience.

The arrival at the school means watching parents drop off their kids at classrooms and you get an opportunity to show professionalism as a teacher by greeting both the parents and the children. You all walk down to the assembly area and line up as everyone gets ready for the daily prayer and national anthem. You get a sense of pride standing before your class sharing this morning routine and watching how smart the school kids look in neat uniforms organized in small groups. After the prayer, you all are back to the classroom where the children get ready for their first lesson. There are a variety of ways of teaching English and you will be guided methodically on that if you take a TESOL or TEFL course. During the comprehensive course you will be immersed into various aspects of teaching English to young learners.
As a foreign language teacher you will be lucky to get the chance to teach by including fun and interesting activities in your lessons which the kids will enjoy. Throughout the day the teachers move from classroom to classroom. You too need to display a charming personality and come up with enjoyable teaching methods to bring wide smiles on the faces of these children as well as on your own face. The foreign teachers have a great deal of choices when it comes to teaching in Thailand. You need to be organized with the daily lesson plans as you go about the usual task of teaching. You can make an effort to spend time with the children to build a good rapport with the kids and this gives them more opportunities to practice their English skills. You will have a routine which will keep you busy as you have to sign the class works and send them homes for the parents to sign and for their feedbacks about their children’s performances. You too get a chance to recognize the different abilities and help them to blossom in their own ways.

You will be gaining a lot from your experiences which will help you to break the barriers that would have been there before. It is a great feeling to watch the children improve and progress in their English classes each day giving you a great sense of pride. You will surely be surprised to see that how wonderful and creative they can be. There are many private, kindergarten, primary and secondary schools in Thailand which are different just like the children who are so different from each other with unique personalities. During the TEFL teaching career you enjoy every bit of your time spend with the beautiful kids and you will go home with a satisfying smile as you get ready for the next day.

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