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Pandemic Learning with Online Teaching

One Year into the Pandemic Learning with Online Teaching

It has been more than a year of pandemic learning, the COVID-19 pandemic hit us in March 2020 and brought ‘n’ number of challenges for every sector. The educational sector has also been affected significantly, students, teachers and parents everyone is managing and continuing to learn throughout the situation. Online teaching and virtual learning have been a mode of education

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Technology In Your Classroom

5 Ways To Use Technology In Your Classroom

Although, technology enhances the teaching-learning experience, yet numerous educators face difficulties while integrating technology in the classroom successfully. The good thing is that the web is overloaded with innumerable free tools that can aid educators to conduct a good teaching session by bringing engagement to their lessons. Smartphones, computers, laptops and tablets are now a universal component of everyday life

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summarizing teaches students

Summarizing As A Teaching Approach

Summing up as a teaching approach is more than just repeating. This methodology involves analysing information, recognizing critical perspectives from irrelevant ones and so on. Summarizing allows both learners and teachers to monitor the understanding of the course material. The evaluation of teaching and learning has witnessed the advantages of summarizing. Starting from fiction to genuine writings, media to conversations,

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Teaching Job Abroad As An Indian

How To Get Teaching Jobs Overseas From India Successfully?

At present, there’s a huge shortage of skilled and trained 21st century teaching professionals across the world. Countries are now critically assessing their educational infrastructure in order to adjust with the present-day educational structure. This has opened up a number of teaching opportunities for 21st century skilled teachers with the teacher training course in Thailand program. Honestly speaking, the accomplished

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teaching career abroad

Top 9 Hotspots for Teaching Overseas in 2021

We all know the fact that the Asian region is by far one of the finest places to grab an incredible teaching job without years of teaching experience. When it comes to teaching overseas, Asia is apt for educators who are looking to save big because of its low cost of living. Teaching in Asia with a primary teacher training

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teaching career in Thailand

Know The Requirements To Become A Professionally Trained Teacher In Thailand

Thailand’s one of the top industries is Travel and Tourism, and thus the need to prepare the international learners. This is a major reason behind the huge demand for qualified and skilled teaching professionals in Thailand. Of course, there are endless options when it comes to teaching overseas, but Thailand has been a popular destination for teachers who want to

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