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Surging Ahead In The Realms Of Education

The Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and Indonesia have experienced profound changes in its economy and society in the past two decades. In this reform period, educational development has been a top priority in the national policy agenda. They include the restructuring of the education system, education quality and financing reform. The education sector experienced an expansion in the number of

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Know These Answers before Starting a Teaching Career in Indonesia

The beaches of Indonesia have some amazing opportunities for graduates or aspirants seeking to unsettle their career after going through a formal teacher training course in Indonesia. Perhaps the most promising feature of the land is the exotic places and the culture. This is especially so for the city life of Jakarta. The metropolitan hub has unique features and better

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Explore Malaysia as a Shopping Destination As You Teach

UNESCO has marked Malaysia as the 12th most preferred education destination in the world. Malaysia gives global teachers the opportunity trained with the nursery teacher training course in Malaysia to explore the products and souvenirs so unique to the country. As you embark upon your journey in Malaysia as a trained teacher, you get the opportunity to immerse yourself in

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