6 Basics A Montessori Teacher Needs to Learn During an Online Montessori Teacher Training Diploma Course

A Montessori teacher has to take a lot of responsibilities in order to get the right kind of education and be pro-active in certain situations. He/she needs to know the various techniques in order to have complete control of the class. The educator also needs to learn the traits of student management and the ways to maintain an atmosphere conducive for the development of the teaching-learning procedure.

In the following lines, we will have a look at the different basics that a Montessori educator needs to inculcate so as to deliver the course content during the Online Montessori teacher training diploma course.

1. Follow the Child

It is very important for the teacher to understand the children. In the class, children often tend to get emotionally disrupted owing to the teacher’s behaviour, which might hamper the flow of the course and lead to a negative impact on the children. This is why it is necessary for the teacher to follow the child and understand his/her preferences so as to monitor the child in a better way and cater to his/her holistic development.

2. Controlling Error

It is the basic rule of a Montessori course to provide independence to the learners and the teacher needs to understand that as well. For that, they have to control the amount of errors so as to deliver the course content to the learners in an effective way. This caters to the development of the children in a proper and pre-determined manner.

3. Sensory Exploration

According to Maria Montessori, every child is a “Sensory Explorer”, who learns best when his/her senses are engaged in a learning activity. A Montessori teacher needs to be aware of that and help the children grow through the age-old yet effective methodology of Sensory Exploration while indulging in an online Montessori teacher training diploma course.

4. Learn through action

Children tend to learn through actions and a Montessori teacher is the one who should implement this strategy in the right way to understand how the children react to certain actions. This would help the future Montessori educators to pick the correct activities so that they can handle the children in the right manner and develop them into positive thinkers.

5. Isolated skills and concepts

The children tend to be leaning towards individual skills or concepts given that they are broken down into simple steps for their ease of understanding. The teacher needs to ensure that the learners get the full focus of the educator and cater to their development through these isolated skills and concepts that are divided into simpler steps for the delivery of the course content to the children.

6. Independence of learning

The Montessori teacher is trained to help the children to have independence of learning. This helps the children to explore according to their own will, believe in their own abilities and understand how to solve the problems themselves in the class. The future educator needs to learn how to help the children to utilise their inherent skills for their development.

7. Concentration

Concentration is the greatest virtue that a learner needs to have while pursuing a comprehensive course and the Montessori course is not anything different. The teacher needs to understand the exact points where he/she can involve the children in the course of study in a better manner and develop better concentration.

8. Intrinsic Motivation

The teacher also bears the responsibility of motivating the children in a positive way and caters to their holistic development from an early age. This stimulation of intrinsic motivation is a basic point that the educator should keep in the back of his/her mind while educating the little ones.

The aforementioned points are important to be remembered by the person who aspires to be Montessori teachers in the future. This not only helps him/her to become an ideal educator in the eyes of the learners but also help the students, i.e. the children become confident about their activities and be their guide for a better future ahead.

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