6 Easy Tips to Keep Nursery School Students Engaged

Keeping nursery students engaged in a class is not an easy task; every little one has his/her own perspective of perceiving fun and it is very different from what an adult thinks. A teacher guiding a nursery class is expected to be extremely patient, innovative and at the same time jovial and charming. Here are 6 quick and easy tips one can follow to get all the little students in the same loop without encountering much of mess!


  • The teacher is required to be prepared always

The biggest enemy of the nursery world is downtime. While the teacher pauses to look for a picture chart, his/her 4 year old might try to take over the world. So, while commencing the class, it is essentially important that the teacher keeps all the materials ready and know the lessons inside out. Whatever may be the teaching strategy, just sitting on the chair and reading a lesson can no way help because the teacher might end up discovering the kids loitering in the corridor or hiding under the desk.

  • The teacher should use a consistent attention-getting cue

The class should be trained to use a certain cue while preparing the lesson. For instance, it may be counting or clapping in a pattern or repeating words after the teacher. Little children are not difficult to train; the only thing needed is consistency. Establishing a cue and following a specific routine at this point of age might help to run the lesson in a much more smoothened way.

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  • Teaching should be enthusiastic

There is no room for monotonous voice or bland personality in a nursery class. Not all can be imagination movers, but theatrical teaching, warmers and similar sessions can help the lesson come alive. Kids at this stage tend to remember illustrations more than words. The class is required to be mobile in a constructive way.

  • Children are required to be properly involved

Kids will definitely remember the story better if they are involved in a lesson. The teacher should make them reverberate apt sound effects, recur key phrases, or act out related motions. Focus should be on including more and more motion. Furthermore, the more they are involved in the lesson, the better they remember and the lesser they will concentrate on doing mischief.

  • Crisp and versatile lesson functions better

The attention span of nursery children is extremely short. Their rate of focus is one minute per hour at the age. Expecting a four-year old to sit through a fifteen minute lesson is way too much to expect. Less is more for little ones. Just one short amazing story having a simple point is enough and adequate for them.

  • The scraggly kid too deserves a role

So, what is to be done with that one kid who just won’t take part? The teacher should look for ways to involve him/her. He/she can call the child by name or ask him/her to sit right beside. The child can be given the task of holding the picture or the lesson prop. All these little students need is a little bit of extra attention. Consistence and patience are the ultimate keys.


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