All about Teaching as a TEFL Teacher in Madrid

TEFL program in Madrid

One of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet, Spain has become one of the largest job markets for English teachers abroad in Europe.

The deep-rooted study of TEFL merges with the tradition of Madrid:

  • With a deep-rooted history, deep-embedded traditional architecture, vibrant cities and a love for life that is second to none, Spain offers an incomparable lifestyle to foreign English teachers.
  • Each small village, city, and the region is unique in its own way, which makes each ESL teacher’s experience different, depending on where they live.
  • Regardless of where you live and teach English in Spain, your experience will be uniquely your own.

Kick-start Your TEFL Career In Madrid:

  • The most common types of classes available for starting your teaching career in Madrid as a teacher teaching English as a foreign language, armed with a TEFL program in Madrid is teaching the young learners.
  • A willingness to teach children is a great way to get your foot in the door at a school.
  • The pay scales in for teachers teaching TEFL in Madrid varies greatly, depending on your experience and the type of classes on offer.
  • As an ESL teacher in Spain, you know that the pedagogy in a Spanish classroom is completely different.
  • Spanish students are used to interacting with their teachers and contributing to the classroom’s lectures, which makes it easier for you to form a healthy bond with your learners.

AN OVERVIEW OF TEFL program in Madrid:

  • A TEFL program in Madrid is an intensive in-class TEFL training program. The duration of the program varies from place to place, which trains you with all the essential skills and techniques you need to successfully deliver in your own TEFL class.
  • In Madrid, the teaching periods vary from that in India. Teachers are in the highest demand in late September and early October, when most classes begin.
  • January is also a good time to start your job hunt for the various educational institutions that encourage young learners to learn English, the international language of communication.
  • Schools in Madrid have lessons starting throughout the year and prefer to have a bank of teachers each teaching six to nine hours a week, so be prepared to work for several schools.


  • It is important to tailor your teaching style to the students you are teaching in Spain, whether you’re in a classroom full of children or adults.
  • Teaching in Madrid with a TEFL Residential Program means you are centrally located in Spain, this makes travelling within the country and even to other countries super easy and affordable.
  • The TEFL program in Madrid is a thorough and useful course which makes you an efficient and effective TEFL teacher and certainly better equips you to handle teaching the mesmerising country.

“There’s something in Madrid for everyone and I’m a firm believer in the idea that everyone should experience this wonderful city and the inimical country of Spain at least once in their lives. The TEFL program not only prepared me to teach English as a foreign language but also enabled me to improve my teaching and the lessons I delivered. The teaching requirement at the end of the course also allowed me to further build on my teaching skills and with this experience came more and more classes which allowed for me to begin a stable career in a city I fell in love with,” says Caroline Thomas, a TEFL teacher now based in Madrid for the last four years.


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