Are You Making These Mistakes while training the Malaysian young learners?

The best way to prepare yourself to teach another culture is to study their culture in advance. If you plan to settle down in Malaysia, start adapting to the local language as well. And make sure you practice a few tricks to debunk any mistake while addressing the young learners.

  • Teaching English to the Malaya kids –

While you are aiming to make the little ones acquire a natural flow in learning English, explain the same by making an effort to learn the local language as well. It will be a sign of respect as well, encouraging students or the little ones to feel important.

  • The impact of gift –

Well, if you are planning to visit an Islamic state like Malaysia, never turn down food or drink offered by a little kid. It is basically an insult to refuse hospitality of any kind. Instead, use your formal orientation gained from the teachers training course in Malaysia that not to be too quick to accept it either. A ritual or expression is shared before finally accepting, say ‘I don’t want to put you to any trouble’ or ‘I don’t want to be a bother’.

  • Follow some writing rules –

Unless you are personally fluent in the local language, use easy to do words or letters. The same goes when you are educating young learners with a new language. Some key tips not to make any kind of mistakes when handling writing instruction would require you to follow these,

a) It is better to use short and clear words to have a clear idea

b) Rely on specific terms to explain your points. Better to avoid any unnecessary illustration or abstractions and use them as examples. 

c) Remember never to use any slang words and bar yourself from using jargons for they can be translated negatively, effecting the culture. Also don’t use idioms or figure expressions, they make mislead your learner.   

d) Construct sentences that are shorter and simpler than those you use when writing to someone fluent in English

e) Use short paragraphs, each paragraph should stick to one point or topic and should not be more than eight to ten lines.

 f) Prior to your pre and primary teacher training course in Malaysia you need to help the learner follow your train of thought by using transitional devices. Precede related points with some expression, like firstly, secondly and thirdly.

g) Finally, remember young learners, irrespective of their cultural contrast would understand your creative flair. So use visual arts, and pre-printed flashcards, posters to clarify your message.

  • Follow these rules to communicate orally –

When engaging in an oral communication be alert of the possible misunderstanding. Therefore, be conscious of the non-verbal messages because here you are acting as a sender and the receiver would be the young learner from a different ethnic background. To overcome the language and cultural barrier, follow these

a)  Keep an open mind and do not stereotype cast the other person or react with preconceived ideas. You must always respect the young ones based on their feelings and not as a representative of another culture.

b) Be conscious of the other customs and expect their mannerisms, values and beliefs which is different from others.

c) Try to be aware of the unintentional messages that may be read because of your body language. Clarify your true intention and repeat it using sign language or warm greeting as absorbed with your pre and primary teacher training course in Malaysia.

d) Listen carefully and be patient because the young learners in today’s world are an active participant and not a passive one. e) Be aware that the body language converted through gestures and expressions are received different as per the cultural differences and rely more on words than on non-verbal communication to interpret the message.

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