Concentration Building Techniques for Kids

Do you find dreamy eyes in your junior class room? Concentration has always been trouble spots for kids. Focusing on a lesson for any length of time is not easy for a bunch of little restless minds. There is a lot of busyness and commotion in life of these kids, so helping a child to concentrate and focus is a critical skill. The cause kids lose focus on a task is because it is either too laid back or too tough for them. As a pre and primary teacher you should take a close look at the goings on and make sure it is the exact skill level for a child.

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It is a statistic of life that one gets easily demotivated with things that are mind numbing, boring, or not thought provoking. You need to help a child know that sometimes we have to do things that are not fun or interesting. It is also helpful to point out that sooner the child complete the interesting task with attentiveness more time the child will be given to do more enjoyable things. You can help the kid increase his or her focus in numerous ways by implementing techniques that would make it stress free to focus and be less restless, while doing their schoolwork or carrying out tasks. There are many things you can do at school to influence children’s concentration levels. Like any other skill, concentration can be improved and made instinctive. The trick to effective concentration is to know what to focus on and what to clean out.

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A great tactic to help increase a child’s focus is to split the task up into small groups. Set a timer for an exact task that your child can work to “beat.” Sometimes setting a short period of time will help them focus longer. One rule of thumb is that a child can focus on a single activity for about one minute per year of age. You need to find out what interests the kid. You should observe during that time when no one is telling her/ him what to do and see what activities absorb the energy and attention. You have to find out what does interest him/ her and help them to develop in those areas. Playing sports that need focusing, planning and the use of memory combined with fun and concentration can be very useful. Some easy and fun strategies can help you make a child improve her/ his ability to focus.

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For most children, it is tough to focus for more than a few seconds on any lesson, and that is quite natural, due to their interest, enthusiasm and energy. However, attentiveness is vital for learning, for schoolwork and for the achievement of any task.Giving kids too many tasks and engaging them in too many deeds can be devastating and tiring for their mental ability. As a pre and primary teacher, you should give them enough time for pleasure and enjoyment, so they do not feel any sort of pressure. Try to plan different activities for the kid as often as possible, so that every day they have a bit to look forward to. When they know they have something exciting to look forward to, they will be more contented during the day and often partake more in class. A pre and primary teachers’ training helps you in assisting kids to concentrate better.

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