Craft a Safer home for Your Young Students

When you are a pre and primary teacher, you are not only taking care of the studies and education of the little kids, but their overall development as well. This includes the awareness of safety as well. When the kids are in the school they are under continuous supervision of the teachers but when they are at home, they also need to be taught about safety. And a teacher’s job includes instilling the sense of home safety among the kids as well. Of course, disaster happens and there will be slight scratches and bruises along the way, in particular as kids grow and discover new crazes. But you need to teach them about all the things you can, to assist the kids to get the lack of restrictions that comes from being full of life, healthy and safe at home. Home is mainly considered the safest place, but the kids need to know what hazards they can face in the house and what they can do to stop accidents from occurrence. But teaching kids the basic safety measures can be boring and making no sense for the little minds hence using a few fun activities will help you teach the children essential home safety lessons which they will keep in mind if an unsafe situation arises.



The best way is to visit a local fire station or police station with the kids and have the fire fighters or police officers coach the children about basic home safety ( source – ” Home school Your Child for Free: More than 1,400 Smart, Effective and Practical Resources for Educating Your Family at Home.” ) Fire fighters often give kids visual shows about home safety, including what to do in a fire break out and how to be aware of unsafe substances or things which could cause them some physical injury. Police officers can teach the children how to keep away from many different hazardous situations at home, as well as they can teach the kids some easy and interesting self defense moves to help empower them to feel safe at home.
There are many activities for children which help them to become aware of home safety. One of those games is giving them different situation which can occur at home and the children are asked to act in those situations. For example you can ask them – that if there is no one in the house and the door is left then what would they do. Some kids may prefer going out and play but here you need to correct them making them understand that it might not be safe. You should teach them the correct choice and practice they should make while at home.
You should find potential dangers at home and take steps to craft the house safer for kids. Make a list of safety issues and challenge each of your children to go through the house and find out whether each issue has been corrected. Teach them some dos and don’ts like ‘do not touch any electrical tool, keep safe distance from fire, do not lean from roof top, always keep safe distance from bee hives etc. You, as a pre and primary teacher, need to build up their safety skills as well through some fun filled activities.


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