Develop Your Storytelling Skills as an Early Childhood Teacher

Storytelling has held an important role in history. People have passed down stories from generation to generation. It has served as a way in explaining and understanding the world around. Teachers are the finest storytellers. It helped the children to find answers to the biggest questions of creation, life and afterlife. Stories define, shape and control the thought process of the child.
Early childhood teacher must give special attention in developing their skill of storytelling. He/she must involve acting and theatrics while delivering. These exaggerations bring more life to the story and thus attract attention of the child. The teacher instead of sitting in a chair, must move around the class and speak in an alternating rhythmic style.
The storytelling need to be interactive also involving the child in the process by acting out while the teacher tell it. This could be further enhanced by encouraging the student to dress up with funny hats and use props as they follow the instructions of the story and repeat the dialogues with the teacher. Further, the students are asked to contribute through sound effects, making suggestions and to answer questions.

There are indeed many benefits to storytelling:-

  • Inspires purposeful talking by initiating discussions about the story and involving them in the play through various innovative games.
  • Raises the interest level to read texts and find stories and if they find it engrossing they themselves reread them.
  • Raises their writing skills as they are now prompt to write down their own stories and tell them to the teacher and peers.
  • Enhances the community bonding inside the classroom
  • These develop the listening skills of the children and hence raise their concentration on a particular thing or subject of interest.
  • Initiates their creativity as they act with the play.
  • This is something which is enjoyed by children of all age groups- kindergarten to elementary school.
  • Furthermore, it motivates English-language learners to speak and write in English and attain expertise from a very early age.

To make this a success, the simple factors are to wanting to become an incredible storyteller. Some recommended steps by researchers are as follows:
1.    Read as many different world folktales, myths and legends and increase your stock.
2.    Watch and listen to professional storytellers and adopt their style.
3.    And lastly join a course in Early Childhood Care and Education and develop your skills in handling situations in classroom which also involve storytelling.
The last point is seemingly the most appropriate one when it comes to early childhood teachers. As the students growth and development depends on the teacher. The teacher must gain expertise when it comes to children of this age group. But still some unforeseen situations arise which the teacher must be prompt in handling. This course helps to develop their confidence level which is something outside the course book.
Early childhood teacher does not teach in a classroom. They connect with the students through stories and help them to develop vocabulary through listening, speaking, reading and writing. The course is best for preschool teachers who learn this basic tactics and soon emerge as the child’s favorite after his or her parents.

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