Difficulties in Teaching Pre and Primary School Kids

We spend the first twelve months of our children’s lives teaching them to walk and talk and the next twelve telling them to sit down and shut up.

Phyllis Diller has given a tricky tip off to the teachers of the possible difficulty while teaching pre and primary kids. A pre and primary teacher should always be alert of the pain on the neck of teaching the kids. It is the most challenging task of being a pre and primary teacher that you need to deal with the most notorious, absent minded and restless minds of 3-5 years age group. The psychological development of a child is marked off by the chronological factors rather than any individual eccentricity which is carried to the beforehand. That inner distinctness in characteristics between adults and kids claim for different teaching techniques to teach children. It is the sole job of a pre and primary teacher to would the mind of the kids. How a kid acquires instruction during their pre and primary schooling determines highly how he or she will emerge as a human being in future. Thus, preschool teachers should be responsible for maximum efforts for applying innovative teaching assistance flawlessly for teaching at their developmental stage.

Moreover these little minds are huge fabricator of questions. Kids will ask you a number of questions, some will for sure be strange and peculiar but you will be able to response their questions as these are the natural outcome if their inquisitiveness. Apart from that kids are lean towards to be physically super active and you have to slot in physical movement which is called active learning. Therefore you should teach them through many attention grabbing physical activities or games.The hardest problem of a pre and primary school teacher is to get the kids’ attention towards the lesson. The teachers should be resourceful to inspire in class learning providing funny videos, pictures, music and other forms of information that would encourage them to study from class. To cope with the twenty first century educational demand the pre and primary teacher must be mindful of child centric education which means that the child is a vigorous learner who is learning new ideas of his own unrestricted will through some motivating activities. The teachers have the most inspiring job to make the notorious kids go into school by enlightening their good habits and manners.

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This age group of 3-5 years has an additional problem of forgetting the earlier lesson. So you must think of some advanced method to make them easily think of what they have learned in the previous classes. Lots of contemporary and creative methods of teaching are obtainable but the pre and primary teachers need to be very attentive about electing the proper teaching methods and when to use that methods to get maximum positive result.In fact an expert teacher can polish their teaching skills as these courses come up with a deep insight into the teaching techniques of early childhood education. Learning through playing is one of the most effective techniques of teaching that can keep children engrossed in studies. These early years are the most thoughtful stage of a child and it is very significant for pre and primary teachers to get well trained as the training will help to grow the skills which are important for a pre and primary teacher.


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