Effective Ways Of Student Motivation: The Techniques And Their Benefits

Teaching children, undoubtedly, takes a lot of patience and a lot of dedication from the ones involved in it, i.e., the teachers. Doing the same for the special children might arise some sort of scepticism among people who are not really acquainted with it. So it is very important for the learners or the aspiring candidates, who want to have a career in special education, to go through the techniques of student motivation, which will come handy for them ahead in their career once they indulge in a special education course.

The various techniques of student motivation are well defined and cater to the needs of the learners to help them successfully continue en route to a successful career in the sphere of special education. They are defined in the following lines.

Intrinsic Motivation

This type of motivation increases the attention of a person towards a particular subject. This strengthens the base of the learners and develops the understanding of the students regarding the course they are undertaking. In the long run, this type of motivation helps the teachers to get acquainted with their students easily and help them pay more attention in the class.

Extrinsic Motivation

Extrinsic motivation creates a sense of urgency among the students and helps them gain a view on various perspectives of a particular course. This caters to the need of the learners who are willing to take up a career in special education or any other course for that matter, providing them with an all around knowledge regarding the various subject matters included in the course.

Learning Styles

The different kinds of learning styles provide a varied outlook for the learners regarding the ways to handle situations, even the ones that are odd. An overview about the various types of learning styles caters to the development of the cognitive knowledge of the learners about a particular course as well.

Subject Appeal

The appeal of a particular subject differs from one person to another and has varied effects on the matter of study as well. This is another important way of motivating a learner as he/she might get motivated by the favourite subject they are attached to.

Performance Goals

The estimation of one’s performance also develops the understanding about a particular subject or a course and what type of liking he/she has developed about that trait. This is the most practical way of understanding one’s progress and improving it as well.

Learner Involvements

Another way to give confidence to your students and teach them accountability is to get them involved in your lesson plans. Try to make them participating in classroom activities by giving each student a job to perform. Divide them in groups and allocate each a task or role.

The aforementioned techniques are considered to very effective tools of student motivation. They leave a huge impact on developing the understanding of the learners about a particular course such as the special education course and also helps in getting the knowledge about how the capabilities of an individual learner from the other.

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