Explore the Malaysian Culture Before You start A Teaching Career

All these years you might have tried too hard to make a teaching career work in Malaysia, and now that you have a formal degree you must first know about the cultural, practices and etiquette of the nation. It is here that not just your teaching certificate courses in Malaysia would work, but your ‘eagerness’ to know about the ethnic interests and explore the nation becomes the key.

Why not for you are not trying to settle just a few modern skills to teach but are responsible to make or built a child contribute immensely to the entire human race. One needs to understand deeply the intricacies of Malay Culture, and its social Diasporas.

First, the Malaysian State resembles a multi-cultural society:

The cosmopolitan mass is very common to the city. It is more prior to the emancipation of industries at the realm of globalization. Much to the delight, migration from countries of US, France, Australia or China, India etc. impacted and triggered the increasingly multicultural society. Primarily two ethnic groups are dominated, one being the native Malays and the other is large populations say the Chinese and the Indians.

Second, family culture and associate:

Well, the family is definitely a core entity for every individual. It is more visible in Malaysia that the family is considered to be the centre of the social structure. Automatically the idea of morals like loyalty, trust, friendship is embedded within them. This is a traditional thing which is transferred to the younger ones, making them stay clear about the ethnicity. Irrespective of the religious dominance the peaceful co-existence of each family member also makes it a safe zone other than giving you enough room to explore the mountains, hills, terrains or beaches.

Families ten to socialize a lot within the ethnic groups and all of them retain traditions, cultures, and rituals. For emotional and financial support, we generally consider our families as the place where we can share our heart out. To provide more information the concept of ‘face’ is very important in the Malaysian state. This is because of the desire to maintain harmony. It is to strive away from the maintenance of face and avoid shame both within the public and private sector. As claimed, one states that “face is considered a commodity that can be given, lost, taken away, or earned. On top of this face also extends to the family, school, company, and even the nation itself.”

Third is the etiquette and customary rituals: A Greeting is in a social context upon the ethnicity of the person is another key thing. Generally, most of the Malays are aware of the western ways of etiquette and regular rituals therefore handshake is a common way of greeting. As per the Malaysian etiquette, whenever Malays meet with a group of people, at first they greeted the oldest person. “Salaam” is the widespread verbal greeting of the Malays. They generally call “pakcik” (uncle) or “makcik” (aunty) to express their respect towards them. The Malays generally extend their both hands to the right hand of the other, and then they make a small bow and place their right hand on their heart as a sign of traditional habit.

Malaysia has a spectacular blended culture consists of Indian, Chinese, and native persuades. You can see it in everything, starting from different mouth-watering cuisine to an amazing collection of wildlife with many more other attractions. Malaysian Schools in general proffer 20 to 25 hours of work per week and after that, you can travel and explore the country.  Well, the teaching certificate courses in Malaysia program are helping the aspiring teaching professionals to lead a good life. 

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