How a good teacher training course is relevant to meet a good teacher?

It is rightly said that “teachers are born and not made” and if we consider it as a true statement then there would be no need for any training courses for teachers. However, is it true? Does it actually work in real-life teaching-learning situations? It’s true that some people make better teachers than others but perhaps the right way to get exposed to the profession which is responsible for effectively creating the rest of the professions.

Given that believe a good teacher training course proceeded by a recognised teacher training institute can be a good option. More, because another norm of creating quality teacher is possible if you can groom the teacher who possesses knowledge, patience and is perseverant about the methods of teaching and learning. 

  • Why do we actually think of emphasising on the same?

After doing much soul-searching one has tried to think in terms of the essential positions. Three important priorities are considered in this respect and that’s exactly what is vital for the teachers.

First – Love for the children and delivering the Knowledge for the children.

Second – Good health and abounding energy level.

Third – Get aided with a good training programme.

Now, these features are essential and can be eroded as qualities required tagging one as a ‘good teacher’. Perhaps the reason being there is a good time as anyone can be quoted on what should be engraved on every teacher’s heart. This is frightening and more to think of how often we are the cause of human waste – especially when we are failing to aid a child who is terribly in need – to learn and develop their individual potential. To aid this international teaching certificate can be helpful to authenticate their teacher training skills and decode their quality.

Things that are must for every child –

Well, every child needs to be loved. Not just children but people, irrespective of their gender, community, race and age would feel or react to these three things – ‘of being in love, getting recognised and receiving appreciation’.

  • Discussing the share of knowledge and love for children….

One of the key features of a good teacher is to accept the child the way they are. Now this is not an easy task always and one needs to be guided by their individual gentle persuasive and psychological factors. This will accordingly aid them to deliver and achieve potential that is fully beneficial for teaching.

Again, effective teaching means a whole-hearted sustained effort each day, compromising on your leave structure and rather indulging in the half days for personal works. Once if you are talking about the physical well-being then give some attention to your mental health.

  • How a good teacher training course is relevant?

A good teacher does not use set formulas to produce standard type lessons considering the training programme focus on the need to form certain principles of teaching and learning. These are based on the sound of child psychology and the methods aren’t Great! It is essential to understand the philosophical touch behind the methods and with the help of upgraded teacher training courses, the teachers can get a clear understanding about it. One fine reason is that the teachers are following their own convictions to make the possibility grow.

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