How Safe is UAE for Women Expats?

UAE is among the largest business capital of the world and it places special emphasis on its education system. UAE is trying to change the wrong perception that people harbor about the schools in the UAE, believing that they have a predominantly Islamic atmosphere. However, it is not the case. The education system of UAE is more inclusive and showcases some of the highest levels of international standards.

The country is blessed with chains of international schools featuring a strong education base which complements well with the global picture. This in turn creates a large demand for international teachers from all around the world. With the right teacher training certificate anyone with the requisite qualifications can get the opportunity to start a teaching career in the UAE. There are a lot of aspiring and experienced teachers around the world who are really interested in giving shape to their teaching aspirations in the UAE.

Women safe in UAE
The life style in the UAE makes it the perfect destination for women expats thinking of settling down there as a teacher. UAE is often considered as the safest region in the entire Middle East. It is home to a thriving expat community of settlers there because of its unparalleled career opportunities. The laid back life style is yet another reason behind its popularity.

With some of the lowest crime rates in the world, women safety in the UAE is a reality unlike being a myth. Locals are really friendly and have the reputation of extending warm hospitality to the expat community. Moreover, the presence of so many schools, colleges, and other educational institutions provides a good opportunity for women expats to relocate and live there. The schools have an international community of teachers which makes it easy for the expats to mingle and settle in.

Being one of the business capitals, UAE has high demands for English language teachers. There are a lot of teacher training institutes offering TESOL courses in the UAE to make the aspiring educators expert in teaching English. The need for English language teachers in this country is only set to rise as the economy increases. Being one of the most valuable suppliers of natural resources in the global market, UAE has constant need for educators who can train others to speak and write proper English to help in foreign deals. Schools and educational institutions place very high stress on inculcating the English language as part of the curriculum.

Completing a TEFL course in the UAE will help the expat women to secure a lucrative teaching job in the UAE. The teaching career offers a comfortable salary which suffices to lead a luxurious lifestyle. This makes the UAE one of the top choices for women expats.  Regarding women safety in the UAE the day-to-day equality for women is guaranteed by law- the Constitution of UAE guarantees equal rights for both women and men. In general, women are usually treated with more respect. There are plenty of female expats living in the UAE for a number of years which proves that the UAE is truly a sustainable country to start a career. With beautiful weather, laid back lifestyle and a welcoming atmosphere the country is truly a haven for those searching for a place to give wings to their teaching career.

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