How Second Language Acquisition Can Be Helpful for The Future TEFL Educators

There are a number of problems that can be detriment for the learners of an online TEFL certificate course en route to the successful completion of the course. There are a number of techniques that the learners can implement in order to get the better of these problems, which are generally related to the learning of a second language. One such technique is the second language acquisition, which, through a few stages of application, eases off the hurdles en route to the learning of the universal language. In the following lines, we will have a look at these various stages and their impact on the teaching-learning procedure for the learners pursuing an online TEFL certificate course.

What is second language acquisition?

Second language acquisition is simply the process by means of which a learner can get an idea about the English language and the most feasible way for the learning of the universal language appropriately. In courses like TEFL, where English is taught as a second language, the technique of second language acquisition can be very important for the learners.

The stages of second language acquisition are as follows

1. Knowledge

In this stage, the learners are provided with the knowledge regarding second language acquisition and its nuances. This helps in providing them with an understanding of the technique and what impact it could leave on them when they start their journey as the learners of an online TEFL certificate course.

2. Intimation

The learners should be intimated about the implementation of the technique in the course curriculum or else they might have to face some serious problems while encountering the intricacies of second language acquisition. This will also smoothen the road for the understanding of the subject matter vividly and will help in the holistic development which helps in the upgrading of the teaching-learning procedure in a holistic way.

3. Application

As future TEFL educators, the understanding and application of the second language acquisition paves the way for the present-day learners to upgrade their knowledge about the universal language and its appropriate usage. This helps in the development of the learners who are looking to make a career in the field of teaching abroad as non-native English teachers through the proper application of the technique of second language acquisition.

4. Analysis

The analysis of whether the method of second language acquisition is helping the learners or not is one of the most important things to assess for the students as well as the educator. This not only helps the educator to understand the loopholes, if any, that are responsible for the drawbacks faced by the learners en route to the completion of the course curriculum but also for the understanding of the proper development of the students as they are pursuing an online TEFL certificate course.

5. Synthesis

This stage reflects the results derived from the technique of second language acquisition. The synthesis of the results helps the learners to understand the course holistically, which is very important for the future TEFLers. The application of the theories into practice depends on the proper synthesis of the results from the course that is being taught, especially in the case of a comprehensive course such as the TEFL course.

6. Evaluation

This is the last stage where the students have to go through evaluations and tests in order to see whether they have been able to understand and inculcate the learning properly. This is very important as it helps one to get a better understanding of the subject matter and apply it in the right way when they start their career as TEFL educators in the future.

It is very important for the learners of the online TEFL certificate course to go through the aforementioned stages of second language acquisition. It not only helps them to nurture their inner ability to become a non-native English teacher in the future but also prepares them to ease out the probable problems that might arise for them in a well-defined manner while they are pursuing the online TEFL certificate course.

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