Importance of Education Management Training in Thailand

A lot has been said and written about the derogatory conditions of Thai education system, especially in the Government schools. Lack of focus, dedication, sincerity, innovation and flexibility, both on the part of students as well as the teachers, are some of the root causes of the deterioration of Thai education system. From the numerous blogs and articles written by Thai teachers who wish for a change in the system, one thing is pretty clear. If this continues, student development will cease and Thailand will be packed with half-learned individuals who cannot even earn bread and butter for their families. The policy makers need to understand that education is the first step towards development. If the youth are not educated properly, they will never be able to become the pride of the nation and contribute toward national development. So, what can be done to improve the national education system of Thailand? A few suggestions have been jotted below:

Education Management Training in Thailand

Constant Tracking And Monitoring:
In Thailand, the Government is quite enthusiastic about educating the population. New and improved methods are introduced every once in a while and resources are put to use to upgrade the education system in Thailand. But, the problem lies somewhere else. Corruption is pretty high in the Thai Government schools including embezzlement of resources. Therefore, the Government should take it into their own hands to monitor everything, starting from proper utilization of the Government resources to tracking individual progress of all students. That way corruption will cease to exist.

Proper Education Management Training:
Education management is equally important as classroom teaching. The administrative forces need to update themselves with the latest trends and opt for proper education management training to get employed at such higher levels. In fact, it will be best if education management training in Thailand is declared mandatory. Without a proper degree, diploma or any kind of certification from a reputable institute, no one should be employed as the educational head or administrator even in the Government schools. Let only the deserving ones get the ranks.

Employing Foreign Teachers:
It has been observed that the English Language classes are generally held only once a week and that too by native teachers, who lack the skills to teach the foreign language. Therefore, it will be best to employ foreign teachers with adequate training and certification in teaching English as a foreign language. That way, students will learn properly without boning up everything they lay their hands on.

The Government is already working on improving the education system in the country. Measures have been taken to universalize education and build tie-ups with international schools like the Cambridge English Language school to upgrade the methods of teaching. According to many international education enthusiasts, the country is in great need for a better curriculum and improved teaching methods that comply with international standards. To attain this goal, it is necessary to impart proper training to the education administrators and people in the higher ranks so that they can create a better school atmosphere. As mentioned before, certification in areas like Educational Administration and Management, TEFL and teachers’ training should become mandatory to ensure only the best teachers and administrators come forward to make a difference. Reputable institutions should be encouraged by the Government to emphasize such courses so that rigidity is broken and the students are exposed to nothing less than the best.

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