Indian English Teachers Do Get ESL Jobs Overseas

Every aspiring teacher desires to cherish the opportunity of getting to teach abroad, in an international classroom. Therefore, completion of a TEFL or TESOL course enables the candidates to be able to appease that aspiration. It may be challenging to get hired as an EFL/ESL teacher abroad especially if you are an Indian as you will have to compete with native English speakers for the jobs but with an authentic TEFL certification, the appropriate attitude and the right dose of patience and perseverance, you can easily grab a EFL/ESL teaching job. With an internationally accredited TEFL certificate even non-native especially Indian English teachers can easily find teaching EFL/ESL jobs in South East Asian countries like Thailand.


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Like every other country in the world, there has been a growing demand for trained EFL/ESL teachers in Thailand, wherein English language learning is witnessing a considerable rate of growth. There has been a constant search for EFL/ESL teachers in Thai schools and language institutes and the fact that well trained EFL/ESL teachers of Indian origin are easily accepted for their English competency level and the Indian EFL/ESL teachers are being hired in Thai government and international schools is particularly high. Indians possess a high chance to get employed as EFL or ESL teachers, since English is not only the official language of India, but Indians are taught to learn and speak English from a rather younger age.

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Furthermore, the need to be able to converse in English is conspicuous and the escalated desires of parents to have their kids learn English has made it more essential for the schools in Thailand to seek EFL/ESL teachers. In addition, it is a known fact that Thailand as a country has never been colonized but has made a prominent presence in the global map which has given rise to learning English, the language of global communication. However, with a profound rise in globalization in the form of tourism and the entrance of foreign companies, the scenario has changed in Thailand. These days, Thais have to speak English to survive in the global market as the world shrinks in size due to enhanced relations among nations. This specific circumstance makes it all the more favorable for Indian teachers to be hired as EFL/ESL teachers since they will already own the degree of a TEFL or TESOL course. Moreover Feature Articles, India’s approach towards intensifying its relations and the country’s growing friendship with Thailand exhibits a certain prospect for Indian teachers to get more jobs in Thailand.

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