Innovative Teaching techniques for the learners of an online certificate in nursery teacher training course

The modern era of teaching demands a lot from the teachers, especially those who are dealing with the most delicate learners, i.e., the early childhood learners. These include students from the nursery level and the educators need to be extra careful while imparting knowledge to them without any negative impact. In this respect, the future educators might choose to implement a number of unique techniques apart from the conventional ones to make the teaching-learning procedure more impactful.

In the following lines, we will have a look at some such techniques which the participants of an online certificate in nursery teacher training course can implement in their course curriculum in order to cater to their own development as well as that of the little ones.

1. Intrinsic Motivation

It is very important for the nursery educator to motivate the students in a positive manner. Intrinsic motivation could be a very good tool in this respect as it helps to eradicate the negativity that might affect the relationship between the nursery educator and the little ones. This type of motivation is one that comes from within and is not forced upon the students, which can be detrimental for the development of the children during their time in the nursery classes.

2. Modelling Enthusiasm and Curiosity

Developing or modelling curiosity among the students is another technique that the future nursery teachers could take a cue from their course curriculum. By making the students actively participate in activities, quizzes and games can make the learners enthusiastic and curious about the things being taught to them, which is an innovative technique in making the students attentive in the class.

3. Reinforcement of thinking processes

The reinforcement of thinking processes can be helpful for the students rather than a plain praise that comes from the educator. However, this might be a little risky for a number of students who take appreciation from the educator as the highest praise that is available in a class. The reinforcement of the thinking process might be a little problematic for this type of students.

4. Help the students share their new knowledge

It is a technique that can help the students to develop their confidence through constant pushing from the nursery teacher. It is necessary for the future educator to understand how the students can react to the newly gained knowledge during their classes. It is very important for the learners of an online certificate in nursery teacher training course to understand how to help the little ones share their new knowledge and utilise it to gain more and more confidence through the guidance of their tutor.

5. Keep students active

It is very important for the nursery teacher to keep the students as much active as possible during the class. This not only helps the students to get acquainted with new ways to gain knowledge rather than the conventional ways like reading books and using gadgets, but also prepares them for the future world by making them aware of certain situations and people that are around them.

6. Sensitivity

A nursery teacher should be super sensitive in his/her work place as because most of the students that he would have at his disposal tend to be sensitive as well. So every step that the primary teacher will take should be measured and should have the welfare of the little ones written all over it. This is a virtue that every nursery teacher should be acquainted with in order to make the in-class atmosphere in a nursery classroom conducive for the development of the teaching-learning procedure as a whole.

The aforementioned points define the unconventional techniques that a person pursuing an online certificate in nursery teacher training course can look to get acquainted with in order to be prepared in a better manner for the challenges that he/she might face while teaching students at the nursery level. It is important for the teachers to contribute to the development of the children from a very early age and the above techniques could be of great help for the future educators as they prepare to shine in their career at the successful completion of the online certificate in nursery teacher training course.

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