Is School Leadership Program in Malaysia fruitful to pursue?

teacher training course in Malaysia

With the word, ‘global’ doing the rounds school chiefs are learning to change their instructional strategy for bettering their leadership domains. Keeping this in mind they are enrolling in the School leadership program in Malaysia.

  • Something to ask? A lot…

Usually, school heads like principals, in-charges form a part of the board. They are quite experienced and based on their experiences they have so far managed to climb the ladder. Therefore, the big fat question striking your mind ——

  1. How relevant is the course in today’s world?


  1. For them, who have already acquired necessary skill and experience to tackle possible challenges?


  • Take a note of the factors –

There is a different tale to these questions today, especially in the context of a global education system that has integrated technology.

  1. Techno effects:

Nowadays, education is pertaining online tutoring because often educators need to seek additional knowledge about different courses other than what is defined in their regular curriculum.

  1. Adapt and absorb:

The need of the hour is to develop individual self in such a way so that they do not feel uncomfortable while unsettling them in any global settings. Other than that, various uncanny incidents have dominated the global political which has automatically influenced the social system of education.

  1. Facing the awkward:

Presently, social context has become so complex that it has given rise to unfortunate stories.

Social media has both positive and negative impacts on the students. Even though it has made life easy by connecting to the needful, it has negatively shaped the rising number of cyber-crimes. So much so that students have been bullied on social media or they have trolled their teachers in an abusive format.

Digital formats have shaped the way of expression to a different level by using gifs, memes, cartoons, icons, images, quotes etc. As a matter, school authorities need to look after such incidents and resolve the critical part. This is just to maintain a healthy learning atmosphere within the school setting.

  • Finding ways to solve:

Considering all the above-mentioned factors finding the real solution becomes a challenged. Even if one is highly qualified and possess adequate situational expertise in handling manpower or classroom settings, but they may lack the modern level of understanding the psychic level of the existing human resources.

  • Also, safety and security is a prudential thing for them because children are facing physical abuses even in the classrooms which may backlash the reputation of a school.
  • Under such emergent situation, you as the leader will be asked to represent the people and school.
  • Often you may lack that skill to handle those uncanny media questions or pull the academic support system to encourage best instructional techniques.

Modern complex education system would squeeze you to deliver more than what you already know. For instance, certain principals are followed while leading the level of learning or curriculum set-up learner-friendly.

What new you have to learn?

In today’s modern set of leadership, principals have aimed to consider the spiral-networks, these includes of

  • Objective – Framing the school vision and mission,
  • Collaboration and partnership – Building rapport with the external forces, this is primarily to meet the budget and funds active.
  • Developing staffroom system – Teachers should have the adequate knowledge and the atmosphere of the staffroom should not be at loggerheads.
  • Fostering teaching – Adopt the functionality of e-learning or blended learning prior to the technological transmission in the education system.
  • Monitoring students – Providing suitable infrastructure to the students, especially by offering inclusive-classroom based support to special children.
  • Maintaining curriculum and supervising teachers – these activities require the use of suitable cost-budgeting option and other necessary activities.

All these could best be solved by taking knowledge of the principals and methods are opted by studying the advanced teacher training course in Malaysia.

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