Learner Centric Pedagogy And Its Role In Diploma In Primary Teacher Training Course

Every course is a complex procedure which deals with the learner and it is essential for the educators to find the most feasible way to attain the successful completion of the course. Each course follows a different pedagogy and the various strategies present in a particular pedagogy channelize the course curriculum in the right direction. One such mechanism is the learner centric pedagogy that involves certain strategies which leaves a positive impact on the mindset of the learners and the teaching-learning procedure.

What is a Learner Centric Pedagogy?

A learner centric pedagogy is an approach which implies that the learners should be more pro-active and engaged to make the learning process a success. The creation of knowledge in this approach is done by the virtue of the learners taking the onus of using their individual experiences, both old and new, towards the attainment of the objective of the course curriculum. It is one of the most effective and easily measureable techniques involved in a comprehensive teaching-learning procedure.

Let’s have a look at how the various strategies included in a learner centric pedagogy and their effect on the modern day learners.

1. Attributes

The learner centric pedagogical approach deals with the subject matter of a particular course. This helps the learners to concentrate more towards the crux of the course curriculum and involves lesser deviation. Apart from that, the pedagogical approach is also specific to the age of the learners and directs the source of knowledge towards the attainment of the objective in a prescribed manner.

2. Appropriate usage

The usage of the learner centric pedagogical approach makes appropriate usage of classroom atmosphere and helps in the development of learners. It can use the whole class, small group and pair work in order to attain the prescribed result according to the classroom atmosphere and can be used for both in-class and online teaching-learning procedures.

3. Incorporation of study materials

The incorporation of the study materials required for the utilisation of learners is another important strategy implemented by this kind of pedagogical approach. This helps in making the learners competent and more knowledgeable in accordance to the course curriculum, helping them to improvise and determine the most feasible way to reach the objective.

4. Response to questions

The learner centric pedagogical approach is for the betterment of the learners and for the solving of their queries. The learners, very naturally, have a number of questions about the course they are pursuing and its curriculum. This pedagogical approach involves providing the appropriate response to the questions and puts the learners in a position where they get the answers of the questions they want and that too in an appropriate manner.

5. Local terms and languages

This particular style of pedagogy does everything to make a learner comfortable, even the usage of local terms and languages to make things as easy as possible for the learners. In countries where English is taught as the second language, the students often get confused by the usage of English. In these cases, the educators might use the local languages as mediums of instruction to make things lively and understandable for the learners.

6. Various activities

Another important strategy utilised to make the course curriculum more understandable for the learners is the usage of the various activities during the course curriculum. It not only eradicates the monotony that might prevail in the atmosphere of a classroom but also helps the learners to remember the subject matter in a better way.

7. Develops positive attitude

The learner centric pedagogy, as the name implicates, is directed towards the convenience of the learners in a better way. In this way, it also helps in the development of a positive attitude among the learners, which in turn caters to the holistic development of the students and accordingly the class atmosphere.

The aforementioned strategies of a learner centric pedagogy provide a clear-cut idea about the development of the learner in a convenient environment. This not only caters to the betterment of the learners but also helps in the holistic development of the in class environment as well as the teaching-learning process, especially in case of a comprehensive course such as the diploma in primary teacher training course.

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