Let the Kids Sweat a Little

Kids are by nature playful and active, and it is almost impossible to make the kids sit or stand at a particular place for a long time. But as a pre ad primary teacher you need to motivate the kids to exercise because being physically energetic every day is vital for the healthy growth and improvement of the toddlers and pre schoolers. The method of exercising differs from the adult to the kids. While for the adults exercise means hitting the gym or mediating of practicing yoga but for the kids exercise means playing and being bodily active. Kids exercise at what time they have P T class at school, during break, at dance class or sports practice, while riding cycles, or when playing some out door games. It is also said that kids who are physically fit sleep better.
It helps kids to become more flexible, keep their heart and lungs strong and fit, develop physically powerful bones, lower the danger of several diseases and health problems, keep a hale and hearty body weight, improve their frame of mind and self esteem, do better in future.
Now a days Kids and teens are spending hours every day in front of a screen (TVs, smart phones, tablets, and play stations) with a variety of electronic media and are addicted to TV shows, videos, movies, video games. Too much in front of the screen and not having enough physical activity are adding to the problem of childhood obesity. As a pre and primary teacher you need to motivate the kids to be physically dynamic. You should encourage the kids to be as full of life as possible in a safe, organized and nurturing play surroundings. They should be engaged into active play, such as using a climbing frame, riding a cycle, playing in water tank, chasing and hide and seek games and ball games. These are the best way for this age group to get moving.

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All kids are not very eager to go out side any play, they prefer to sit and draw or read. For them it is best not to push to go out and join sports. You can include them in light activities such as standing up in between time, moving around, rolling and playing with pets, as well as you can rty to engage them into more energetic activity like skipping, running, hopping and jumping..

Here is a list of easy physical excersise for the kids :

Hop like a bunny – Let the kids squat land swing back and forth.
Balloon or ball – Encourage them to play with ballon or a ball.
Skipping – Let them jump and hop with a rope. You can add some hopping rhymes.
Obstacle race – The kids will tae part in a race and they have to cross and jump pit and small brick walls.
Staue dance – Dance with the music and pause and hold your pose when the music stops.
Jumping jacks – Let the kids coordinate with each other and take part in a race.
Dance party – Put on the volume and let them dance a lot.
Bubble smashing- Blow bubbles and let the kids smash it.
Bubble wrestling- Put on bubble wraps in hand and wrestle.
Trampoline – Let them jump on the trampoline and have fun.

Apart from the above mentioned physical activities you can also guide them to some simple yoga and meditation.

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