MA in TEFL will Provide You with Academic and Practical Knowledge

To quote what one of the erudite in the domain of ESL teaching practice thinks about MA in TEFL is, “It’s an important qualification in a career in English language teaching. A master’s degree will often qualify you to teach in university type situations. It’s often a qualification also for teachers who maybe are moving to another country further up the career ladder. And nowadays we also see an increasing number of teachers who are going on to do PhDs.”

MA in TESOL enables you to develop an in-depth understanding of Teaching English as a Foreign Language for it includes all the technical, linguistic as well as practical aspects of TEFL. The course can be pursued either onsite or online depending on your preference and availability. If your priority is to know the fundamental level of language teaching and uplift it from there, then TEFL Masters is the perfect course for you.


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Embark in your dream career of teaching in some of the most interesting locations of the world, and exploring the exotic locations endlessly along with drinking into the fancy and mystery of diverse cultures and environments. Get opportunities to teach in Asia, Middle East, Europe or America with your TESOL certificate — Stay there, experience a new life, befriend people who are different from you and also earn handsomely. As an MA TEFL degree holder, you stand opportunities to get placed in miscellaneous sectors like international schools, language institutes, corporate domains or allied fields.

An MA TEFL course of international standard is likely categorized into 4 semesters with prominent emphasis on contemporary topics like early childhood education, different characteristics of young learners, language development, instructional strategies, class management, care and nutrition, education leadership and administration, disaster management, evaluation of teaching and learning, training centre management, professional teacher and the educational research and research project.

Anyone who is an adult and has a graduation degree holds appropriate candidature for pursuing master’s degree in TESOL. A young adult with much uncertainty regarding which career to go for or someone considering a mid-career change or thinking to upgrade his/her teaching career can opt for it. In addition, someone who has already taken the diploma courses of TEFL can look forward to higher degree like Masters for better pay.

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Here are a few positives of MA TEFL you should definitely consider –

  • Many reputable institutions in your native country as well as outside offers MA TEFL at a reasonable price making it affordable for larger strata of the society.
  • Good institutions have tie-ups with foreign universities and offer globally recognized certificates, ideal to offer you a solid head-start.
  • For online or distance mode of the course, you as a candidate, can take it according to your own pace and flexibility without hindering any prior engagement.
  • For distance mode, you generally receive your course materials in hard copy, while for the online mode you need to download the course material as given by your tutor or coordinator.
  • The tutors are available round the clock to answer any query you have through mail, chat or call.

ESL teaching practice allows you view the entire perspective of teaching differently through various contexts, approaches and purposes. An ESL teacher has an unconventional take towards language teaching for it enables you to internalize the skills required to teach English to people who have absolutely no idea not just about the language but also culture and context.

An MA in TESOL will help you learn through its intelligently designed modules essential aspects like the productive and receptive skills, language presentation, error correction and effective communication.

Enticed? Yes! This is your chance; go grab it and travel through!


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