Motivating Students and Staff is Part of Education Management

The most important kind of environment to be nurtured in the classroom has to imbibe educational motivation and the most important aspect efficacious for engendering student motivation is the culture of the school. According to eminent scholars, school culture can be considerably transformed through various channels such as shared values, rituals, heroes, stories, ceremonies and cultural networks. Evidences show school leaders can influence motivation levels to a considerable extent by “shaping the school’s instructional climate”, which in turn shapes “the attitudes of teachers, students, parents, and the community at large toward education.” An effective manager can cast prominent impact on school culture increasing student and teacher motivations, indirectly impacting learning gains.

Education is an ever changing domain and school administrators can take essential advantages of this educational change by including strategies that increase motivation and encouragement.

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A positive “psychological environment” influences the school atmosphere extensively; school leaders can create such an environment by establishing varied policies and programs that:
•    Self regulation management and stress goal setting
•    Students can choose instructional setting
•    Students should be rewarded for attaining “personal best” goals
•    Teamwork fostering through group learning and problem-solving experiences
•    Replacing social comparisons of achievement through innovative self-assessment and evaluation techniques
•    Teaching time management skills and offering self-paced instruction whenever possible
•    Analyzing the ways how motivation works in an individual’s life and developing a clear way of communicating the same to teachers and students
•    Seeking ways for demonstrating how motivation plays a crucial role in non-educational settings like in sports or workplace
•    Showing students and teachers both that success is paramount and recognizing ways through which students can succeed and get rewarded in all its forms
•    Developing or participating in in-service programs that mainly lays its focus on motivation
•    Involving parents in discussing motivational issues and giving them guidance in fostering it in their children
•    Demonstrating through one’s own action that learning is a lifelong process which can garner pleasure for one’s own sake

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However, the most important aspect is – “the strength of one’s motivation to act depends on the importance attached to the goal in question and one’s judgment about its achievability. Motivational strength also depends on one’s judgment about how successful a particular behaviour will be in moving toward goal achievement.” And a school administrator plays crucial role in concretising the same.


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  1. The most important kind of environment to be nurtured in the classroom has to provide educational motivation. I came across Greenwood High in Bangalore. Their students always participate in co-curricular activities like sports,science clubs, music and art to motivate students. Greenwood High school has well trained faculty.

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