Mumbai, The City That Never Sleeps Can Be A Great TEFL Destination

Mumbai, one of the most cosmopolitan cities of India, is situated on the West Coast of the country, on the banks of the Arabian Ocean. It is the capital city of Maharashtra with a population of nearly about 22 million people. Enrolling for a 3 week TEFL training Course in “the city of dreams” as the city is often called, will be quite an experience to cherish your whole life. It is a 120 hour Course that any travel buff looking for a job that involves quite a bit of travelling, should take up. A TEFL teacher’s job includes not only knowing and sharing the nitty gritty of English language but also doing a fair amount of travelling across the globe as well.

The city is a vibrant and colourful city which is a maddening mix of people belonging from all over India. It acts as a charm to all and hence people from all around India come in search of better opportunity, better life and work in the various employment sectors found here. Mumbai seems to be always on the go, aptly earning the title of “the city that never sleeps”. The city that is ever changing and ever evolving, also has quite a few interesting places to visit that comprises of Bandra Worli sea link, Shree Siddhivinayak Temple, Marine drive, Iskon temple, Nariman Point, Gateway of India, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST), to name a few. Special mention should be made ofCST; one of the busiest railway stations in the country. It is an interesting representation of traditional Indian architecture and Victorian Gothic Revival that witness millions of peoplewho use the railways as a daily means of transportation.

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Hence, as you pursue TEFL training Course here in Mumbai, you not only learn and become aware of the fundamental principles of ESL, learn about language and teaching skills, needs and requirements of Class management, lesson planning and evaluation for learners of all ages that includes school students as well as middle aged teaching aspirants, but also get enough amount of time to explore the city and experience its various idiosyncrasies. The Course also aims at building the persona of the aspiring teachers wherein they are made confident enough to face the students in the class and answer their queries without batting an eyelid. The course also includes new and innovative teaching methodologies that are used modern classes. It also comprises of practical teaching practice in local schools where the candidates get a first-hand experience of a real classroom and its environment and also get to implement all those they learn during the course.
Being termed as “the tinsel town of India” as the Indian Film industry is located here in Mumbai, with all the big bungalows of the industry superstars, it has the capability of attracting thousands everyday with its promise of glamour, glitz and glory who come here for their share of fame and stardom.
And then comes Mumbai’s famous street food. How can one miss the famous street food of Mumbai! From vada pao to pav bhaji, to pani puri and the variety chaats available here, Mumbai is a haven for all foodies who are not afraid to try out new stuffs.
As you complete the TEFL course, you become eligible for ESL teacher and can find a job anywhere in the world especially in the non-English speaking nations, with most of the institutes providing job assistance. Countries like South Asian countries, Latin American countries, African countries have a dearth of English language teachers and hence there is always a demand for ESL teachers in their Educational institutes to the private sectors where they are employed as Language teachers; these teachers are well paid and also enjoy popularity among the native colleagues.

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If you are looking for a fast paced life, where you want to experience life on the edge, then Mumbai will surely get you hooked up. The city where people barely have the time to stop and breathe, where people fight for that very inch, and keep on pushing forward, against all odds, Mumbai is really a place that is always awake and seems to be on the go. Take up TEFL Course in this city, and watch your life change.


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