Pandemic Learning with Online Teaching

One Year into the Pandemic Learning with Online Teaching

It has been more than a year of pandemic learning, the COVID-19 pandemic hit us in March 2020 and brought ‘n’ number of challenges for every sector. The educational sector has also been affected significantly, students, teachers and parents everyone is managing and continuing to learn throughout the situation. Online teaching and virtual learning have been a mode of education now and with the help of the internet, education is enduring.

Now, a year later, schools and institutions are beginning to reopen with all the necessary precautions. It is an undeniable fact that the impact of covid-19 on education emphasized the crucial role of child care for kids and their families, however, it also put intense pressure on working parents too.

Lessons From a Year of Pandemic Learning

Let us just quickly try to understand the various lessons that we have learned from the pandemic-

1. The global pandemic has amplified the struggle of providing equal access to education for everyone. Till now, a lot of students are facing challenges in accessing technology as well as resources that are essential for learning.

2. Adjusting to remote and online education has been a big challenge for students as well as teaching professionals alike. Therefore, programs like the international teaching diploma – live online classes are professionally training educators how to handle an online classroom successfully.

3. The Covid-19 catastrophe has tested the educational systems in unprecedented ways. This has also strengthened the requirement for adaptive and agile policymaking. This also has emphasized that school leadership matters.

4. Learning in the times of a pandemic has also taught us that with no effective valuation for education, it is impossible to meet the requirements of distinct students. The greatest external support for teachers comes from other teachers!

5. Another important lesson we have learned is that the access to technology is essential but not adequate enough for everyone. Solutions have to be available with a strong security net.

Moreover, numerous students require special support and contemplations. This includes children with various special needs and challenges. Also, community and association with peers and faculty are essential to students’ perceptions of values and morals. It is necessary to understand that preserving the connections both inside and outside of the classroom are significant irrespective of whether the classes are online or in-person.

Watch this video to learn the various ways to adapt educational leadership in the age of virtual learning!

How Teachers Managed The Shift to Remote/Online Education?

We all know that schools and institutions across the globe provisionally shut doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, some of them are re-opening but the situation is not completely fine. Online or remote teaching has become the “new normal” along with the social-distancing and community isolation norms.

Well, this scenario has plunged numerous educators into unexplored waters, isn’t it? Starting from the lack of access of some apprentices to the internet to be more creative in their teaching strategies, teachers have come a long way. Let us see how they are managing the situations.

Setting Realistic Goals

Educators are setting realistic goals, they are learning to accomplish their expectations about how many lessons they can deliver. Along with that, they are also contemplating different factors like physical parting as well as other distractions at home, all these things they had in mind for their classes.

More Attentive To Learners’ Needs

As teachers can’t see everything because of the physical separation with their students, they are now addressing the requirements of the students more considerately. You will see some teachers are doing this by shipping different books along with other resources to those students who don’t have the internet access, some teachers are personally calling their learners to go over questions and concerns. All of these things are creating a positive learning environment.

Taking Benefit Of Existing Resources

We already know that learning materials are creative ways to keep students involved. Thus, by unifying various traditional learning methods with new-fangled ones, more collective audio and visual tools, etc. teachers are taking a lead of the resources they have already. They are coming up with creative group works, video and audio clips with many hands-on exercises which are the components for a lively online classroom.

Keeping Parents Involved

One of the most helpful things which teachers are doing is that they are keeping parents involved. Why? Because, parents play a critical role in the remote learning success. Continuing strong communication with parents along with caretakers to produce an appropriate home learning environment has been a great deal for teaching professionals.

More Collaboration With Other Teachers

Educators are now coming up with many creative methods of education by exchanging their thoughts with other teachers. Through association, instructors can also categorize what is being effective and what isn’t. Some educators even co-host teachings, which is most effective with larger groups.

Apart from these ways, teachers are also familiarising themselves with technology, they are upgrading themselves. They’re giving more time on reflection.


It is a fact that the impact of covid-19 on education is crucial. Teachers, students and parents are overwhelmed by this daunting situation, you’re definitely not alone. The shift to remote or online learning has been most challenging for children with special needs who are eligible for individualized education programs. International teaching diploma – live online classes are supporting the teachers to create an effective teaching session for their students.

Also, the need for good mental and emotional needs has never been so important as it is now. Today, the challenge is to safeguard the fact that lessons learned over the past pandemic year continue to update educational approaches and delivery well into the next normal.

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