Process of Learning Is Integral for A Teacher Training Course in Thailand

Learning is an integral part of the overall development of a child that includes a lot of aspects and processes. The two major processes involved in learning are assimilation and accommodation. Both assimilation and accommodation take place through communication. Communication is nothing but understanding of the stimulus (sights, sounds, smells, tastes, textures) and giving response accordingly. This is a new process of learning as shared in the teacher training model in Thailand.

  • An emphasis on the concepts, perception based on the two…

Hence, perception is defined as awareness, comprehension or an understanding of something. This takes place through recognition and interpretation of stimuli based on the memory. The very interpretation of the stimuli is based on the memory. Thus, stimulus and response communication affect perception.

  • An example which would define the learning process better…

For instance, imagine that you as a teacher is set out to teach a kid in a class about the states of substances and is discussing water and its state. The kid will remind words of your teaching of how water flows in rivers, snow clad mountains and hot water stream and their occurrences in nature.  

In other words, the teacher is refreshing the knowledge of the child from past experiences and then explains that all three are states of water. Snow or ice the solid, water itself is the liquid and vapour that is observable. Where hot water springs are found, water is in the gaseous state. As a part of the knowledge which a teacher must possess, the teacher will explain that the reason for the change in the form and other concepts like the water cycle where all three forms along with the elements that cause these changes are involved.

As a part of the example above, it is also found that the teacher training course in Thailand highlights about the learning process that helps a kid to relate with past experiences. It relates to the past that is assimilation and then by presenting the concept that all three are different forms of the same substance that helps them to accommodate that information.

  • Possible alternatives that the teacher can abide by…

The teacher could choose an experiment in class as per the teacher training course in Thailand to illustrate this example. So to communicate the concept, the teacher brings out a piece of ice and keeps it in an evaporating dish on the burner, the students witness the ice melting to water and then the steam rise as the water vapourises. The experiment becomes a stimulus and as a response, they perceive the different forms of water and how heat contributes to the changes in properties.

The recognition of the three forms was already there from past observations and readings or information received from adults. The new experience of observing the experiment helps the students grasp the concept of states of matter. Furthermore, it is important for us to try and understand the aspects discussed that suits to process learning, as in this case it shed light on what all the elements in this mind map mean in co-relation with communication and instructional choices.

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