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Well, content is the king –not something new, but it has been so over the years. Only the global education trend-setters have transformed the meaning of ‘content’ being a moderator not just in a theoretical layout, but significantly so in its virtual or physical aspect. Having said that primary teacher training course in UAE makes an impact on the teaching lives of the global educator who must be aware of the changes enacting content as the moderator.

  • Transforming the world of content –

If we keep looking at the historical events, the presence of content within the educational belt was confined in reading textbooks, manuscripts or hard copy notes. Things are pretty different now; technological offspring impressed the field of education – by making ‘content’ go interactive.

  • Achievement of the time

Perhaps the biggest achievement of the time has been this ‘interactive content element’ – which gets a thumb up from all the social platforms and by every professional. While drifting away from the normative textual learning, interactive content sessions are blended through technology.

  • Learning tools are shaping the contents

Then again, it is originally the concept of blended learning which modified ‘content’ – the way it was looked upon. It entirely changed the conventional projects where content was just a piece of written and printed information- both shared and acknowledged through its hard copy existence.

Blended learning changed the physicality of content – converting it from the projected printed books, handwritten notes and manuscripts to an audio-visual mode. It worked brilliantly for the little ones. Learning the conventional textual format was not just uninteresting but quite boring and monotonous for the educators as well.

In respect to the blended pace of learning, both the schools and the teachers are trying to making fruitful Upgradation of their teaching strategies. Possibly that reasoned to make the teacher certification programs re-shape their curriculum —

  1. Connecting to technology,
  2. Using presentation stations in class,
  3. Surfing the internet for research,
  4. Keyboarding and word processing – in a comprehensive form
  5. And finally integrating reading technology and blogging




(Data Source: TES Global Teachers & Technology Survey, Image Source: Atlas)

  • What factored the mundane and boring?

While trying to understand the mundane, we can easily relate the fact from the perspective of the working professionals – the educators or academicians.

The Sufferings!!

Repeating those same old boring, long overlay notes from chunks of reference books which you as an educator used to carry in the classroom – they crippled your knowledge. And some of you bunked classes citing you are busy with other activities or have giving silly reasons.

Guilty teaching?

Anyway, such reasons are debatable and we are not targeting to make any sensational news out of it! So coming back, teachers found guilty because of the following:

  1. They lacked the motivation to make the child learn.
  2. They themselves had little scope to grow – affecting their sluggish care growth.
  3. Overall, every working professional need to have a job satisfaction, else it really becomes mundane for them to come up with something creative yet challenging.
  4. Moreover, the challenge of referring special children or kids used to be physically exhausting and mentally draining at times –with checking homework, silly mistakes, scolding (well now the corporal punishment isn’t always a great tool to mend their learning gaps). All these were real challenges, and need to be solved through logic.

How the kids felt?

Children hated to go through those boring textbooks – with just a few colours, illustration and no audio or visually animated image.

Blocks while learning! 

Such problem impacted the specially gifted children or children suffering from syndromes like ADHD, autism etc. Such kids need special care to pace with the lessons taught within inclusive class-settings.

However, many lacked the concentration level (notably 90mintues is the maximum time-span for the human mind to scan, read and learn). But some still find the 90mintues too long to devote –to them the idea of blended learning was undoubtedly a significant achievement.

  • Creative enroute to make learning proactive –

Additionally, it is always a creative layout which affects the developmental processes in human beings positively. Keeping that in mind, modern teaching techniques have found reliance on the different tools – used to create interactive visually appealing videos. Such would embrace the kinaesthetic learning paradise for the young learners.

Gaming is fun!

Activities are gamed-based making the learner connect with the learning processes. They learn at their individual pace and ways,

  • Some learn by following the colour used in creating the visually appealing character image,
  • Some through the voice over (modulation of voice plays the key role here),
  • Some by following the character motions,

What is positive?

  • Whatever process is absorbed or involved, children keep improving with every level of their activity-based learning (or the gamed-based MCQ’s).
  • This not only harps on their learning need but the way the content is layered automatically do a self-assessment of the little ones.
  • Also, they are motivated to do better because of the interface, levels and everything involved.
  • The levels keep changing from easy to simple to complex – enhancing their mental schemas.
  • All of the above ensure that a healthy competitive edge is achieved.
  • The best part is that lesson learning is acquired and absorbed naturally without any external compulsion (trying to mug-up all the lesson contents).
  • Cases that took to stress on the Styled Content Layouts

One basic example in this regard would be, toddlers love bright, vibrant colours and adapt to learn every minute details by imitating the videos. E-learning professionals considered the imitation mechanism major and researched to come up with some animated videos.

A thoughtful objective was illustrated characters would be stating the social norms – say,

  1. How to differ among good and bad touch?
  2. How to wash your hands?
  • Why is cleanliness important?

Definitely, the transition is becoming an interesting affair for the subject matter experts to make the world of little ones filled with fun, lesson and learn altogether. Thus making the content king styled to look creative, original and unique. Each of the miniature character details is styled using high-quality images, vector illustrated videos, and GIFS while simultaneously you go reading through the pages of Aesop Fables.

  • Content Moderation is the Pro –

In fact, it is through these well styled or layout content – e-learning videos, gaming activities, charts, and flashcards becomes pro in content moderation for the primary teacher training courses in UAE. Therefore, what breaks, is the conventional learning knots, to visually appealing graphical content videos and creatively inspiring content art and crafts.

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