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The Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and Indonesia have experienced profound changes in its economy and society in the past two decades. In this reform period, educational development has been a top priority in the national policy agenda. They include the restructuring of the education system, education quality and financing reform.

The education sector experienced an expansion in the number of student at different levels which made proactive changes in these regions. The nation’s educators have also designed a curriculum that focuses on pupils gaining a deep understanding of core concepts and mastery of core skills.

The value of English in these countries:

Students and parents place a high value on learning English, particularly in markets such as Indonesia and Vietnam, with the growing demand for English as an international language.

The teacher training course in Indonesia train teachers to create a positive learning environment, foster good discipline in the classroom and help to build students’ positive attitudes towards learning. The trained teachers impart education way beyond delivering lessons in school and embrace many dimensions of student well-being and support.

The inspirational roles played by teachers as they built the foundations of the national education system make people regard their profession as a highly respected and desirable occupation.

Taught to embrace global perspectives:

In Vietnamese classrooms, young learners are now taught to embrace global perspectives. With teachers trained with the nursery teacher training course in Vietnam, educators aim at educating the young children implementing the latest techniques and methodologies for a progressive development. The teachers focus on teaching along with a great sense of coherence that helps the young learners to develop their knowledge and skills. The education is imparted in such a way so that they can apply those concepts and practices in unfamiliar contexts.

Giving more freedom to education:

The implementation of school-level curriculum in Indonesia and Vietnam give more freedom to schools and school committees to develop the school curriculum, analyse the internal and external school environment, determine the vision, mission and objectives of education initiated by the schools.

Schools in Indonesia ensure the best of teachers with a teacher training course in Indonesia to impart education to the young learners who will shape the country’s future. They are well conversant on varied and innovative methodologies and techniques needed for implementation in schools that are worth to be applied when you work as a teacher to make learning absorbing for the young learners in Indonesia and Vietnam.

Learning Environment in the 21st century:

The learning environment of the 21st century is rapidly changing with new educational initiatives and teaching models being introduced in these regions. The surge of change has swept the global educational scenario with the focus being on preparing the young learners of Indonesia and Vietnam, enabling them to connect their education to meet the demands of the real world beyond the classroom. There is a transformation in the world of education in these regions which has redefined the role of teachers and teachers training with local teachers being expected to transform into global educators

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