Teach Subtraction Using the Modern Teaching Techniques


The methods adopted when teaching subtraction is similar to those followed for addition. There are the same requirements necessary as regards to the pre-learning stage. At least that’s exactly why teacher training courses designed to train the aspiring and professional teachers in emphasising why subtraction is relevant when teaching maths.

  • The idea of subtraction

The child has this already from his daily experiences. As the child is carrying a plate of oranges along with the two falls off and the child has less than before. Moreover, there are comparisons in terms of the age, height, weight etc. all that bring home to the child an idea of subtraction.

  • The two aspects of Subtraction

Though as teachers you do not actually present all these materials to the child but must always be aware of the two types of subtraction. First example indicated in comparing the concept of you knocked down the two skittles; I knocked down four, so I knocked down two more than you did! Second, another example would be a mother has a basket of 12 pears, so she find that there are five bad ones and thus she throws them away and remaining 7 are good ones which she has.

Early school activities must consider two of the following points, as noted by the teacher training courses; both the aspiring and professional teachers would consider them. The first point is the play activities such as oranges and lemons, etc, give the children first-hand experience of subtraction. Second is the rhymes and songs are another effective teaching kit to aid the young learners. These activities are such as ten green bottles hanging on the wall.

  • The Language of Subtraction –

As was done with the additional sums, a child must get familiar with the terms used in subtraction. Usually, you as a teacher must arrange a certain set of questions, such as — How many are left? When one is talking about the distance between. Then what must the child add to make six to add, or how to take away seven from ten. The take away as well as subtract idea becomes a queue.

Once much oral work has been done the children are prepared for the next stage by introducing them to the subtraction sign. Teachers after pursuing the primary teachers training courses considered the flashcards are the best way of doing this.

  • Recording the Subtraction Activities

The child is some having worked out using examples that the flash cards may possess. As with addition, the child goes from step to step and the child subtracts from a particular number for exceeding the number ten. And then finally it goes onto bigger numbers. The apparatus is similar to that for addition. Once the method is understood, examples can be graded in difficulty but care must be taken to see some subtraction examples are suitable to each stage of development.

  • The process of Borrowing

Young children start to note on the new stage of having to ‘borrow’ the teacher. Now as per the teacher training course one must be careful to see that the teacher does not confuse the child in any way. There are two methods of borrowing usually followed – let the school decide which of the two methods is to be followed and then the same method must be continued throughout the school.

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