Teachers’ Tips: 7 Foods That Improve Concentration & Focus

You should eat healthily and drink lots of water to keep your body functioning properly. Now, everyone is aware of these basics. But, do you have any idea that certain food items help you maintain focus and improve concentration? If you are a teacher, it is all the more important to be aware of these health hacks so you can guide your students as well as inspire them better. If they follow your advice, they will also be able to concentrate more on their studies. Besides a degree/diploma in a teacher training course in the UAE, these basic health tips should be your weapon to fight diseases and keep yourself working at your utmost abilities. So, let us give you a gist of the food items that boost concentration levels:

Food for concentration and focus
Besides being an amazing antidote for diabetes patients, blueberries also boost concentration and focus in teachers as well as students. They stimulate blood and oxygen flow to your brain and help you stay fresh for long hours. A continuous ingesting of blueberries also prevents cancer and heart diseases to some extent.

Dark Chocolate
Need to amp up blood flow to your brain? Drink two cups of dark chocolate every day to enhance concentration and memory. Now, dark chocolate consists of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals like potassium, copper, and magnesium in high amounts. However it is low in calories so if you do not wish to put on extra weight, dark chocolate can be your best bet.

Apart from Omega-3 Fatty Acids, this particular food item is also a rich source of protein necessary for proper brain functioning. Besides boosting your memory and increasing your focus, it will also help build your brain cells, making it easier to concentrate on teaching.

Green Tea
Teaching for long hours can be a stress, especially when the weather becomes unbearable sometimes. The climate of the UAE is notorious for its heat waves, making it quite drab and monotonous during the day. Hence, a cup of Green Tea is an excellent boost to keep your nerves strong and your memories sharp. It also enhances mental alertness to a great degree.

A study conducted in 2008 revealed that some students who had bananas daily scored better in their exams than those who didn’t. The reason was its ability to boost concentration and keep the nerves in proper form.

This one is considered a great diet constituent especially because it is packed with lutein, folate, and beta-carotene. But, do you know this green, crunchy vegetable is also immensely helpful in stimulating your brain cells, making them more active and efficient? Well, now you do.

Flax Seeds
A diet of flax seeds can enhance your mental clarity and improve your focus. A good diet is essential to perform better in your teaching job. So, make it a point to include the fiber-rich food in your regular meals.

All is not conquered by earning the certificate in a teacher training course in the UAE. You have to follow a proper diet to be able to cope up with the tremendous climatic conditions in the UAE. A teacher’s success is spelled by the merits of his/her students. Hence, it is your responsibility to give your best in improving class performance. These foods will help you excel in your job quite well.

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