Teaching Kids Basic Computer Skills

Using computers in pre and primary school means that the kids have lots of new skills to learn. Teaching young students how to think what makes sense when using a computer is extremely important in addition to using it to teach content like math or using skills in the computer lab. The kids need to learn
•    The names for the parts of a computer
•    How to turn on/off the computer and monitor safely
•    How to exit from a window
•    How to hold the mouse still when clicking
•    How to click, double click and drag
•    How to double click a shortcut icon
•    How to log in and log off
•    How to press a key lightly so only one letter or digit is entered
•    How to hold the mouse still when clicking


The fundamental skill a pre and primary teacher needs to teach the kid is the ability to click the mouse while controlling the mouse pointer. The pre and primary teacher ought to help the kids with some instructive projects to improve the ability while making sense of how to control the mouse. Another ability the kids need to acquire at an early age is to drag drop file with mouse. The kids can practice clicking, holding down the mouse click, and moving the thing with the mouse pointer.
The youngsters ought to begin working with essential Microsoft programming – Microsoft Word, Microsoft Paint and so forth. They can likewise be locked into amusements which can help their taking in a ton of things. There are many things accessible for the nursery kids which upgrades basic brain power and language aptitude. When spending a considerable amount of time rehearsing mouse abilities, and Microsoft word the kids need to proceed onward to develop their keyboarding aptitudes. The youngsters will most likely be unable to utilize the appropriate finger. They have to get used to with the letter position and the area of different keys. Likewise utilizing key board from an early age will help them develop their engine ability and they will be usual with distinctive finger position like pressing the space bar with thumb and utilizing both hands. The pre and primary teacher should encourage them to write easy things like their name, father’s name, mother’s name. They should be taught to paint pictures using paint software. The children should get used to with the computer. This will keep them attached to the class and also make them familiar with the computer devices.

The primary level kids should also be taught basic internet skills like –
How to navigate websites using their diagram of previous sites
How to identify that multiple internet windows or tabs which are open at the same time and exit from them one after one or all at the same time
Google Search and using proper words
Opening online video and images
Downloading images and video
They should also be taught basic internet skills like How to identify that multiple internet windows are open at the same time (or tabs) and exit out of one or all and How to use a scrolling button or the scroll bar on the screen.
There are several free learning activities that teach the basics of computer through engaging games and puzzles that use cards, string, crayons and lots of running around. Kids can also be taught the basics of hardware by putting students in pairs or groups of three and have them go through the basic hardware terms and their respective pictures. These are the life skills which the kids should learn right from a young age and this is one of those basic skills that goes hand-in-hand with today’s tech world.


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