The Art of Mutual Harmony in Teacher Training Course

Migration has become a common aspect in today’s world. With migration being a common trend, every aspect of the human civilisation is under a constant change. The trend has completely transformed the way man used to perceive their cultural, economic and social sphere. Having said, the change is not confined with the cultural shocks or economic transitions, but also impact a dynamic change in the education sector. Accordingly, teachers or trainers who are willing to connect with the global teaching network must find some additional observation with the skills.

Aim to teach and train for maintaining harmony…  

Recently the teacher training course in Thailand tends to emphasise more on the cultural conflict that can technically be addressed by the means of training. Teachers need to prepare how they can actually create a sense of religious harmony among the young souls, who would continue to shape their future landscape in a positive way – free from the social and religious dogmas.

  • How migration lead to the education changes?

Well, the very idea of migration under the realm of globalisation means the entire society needs to understand the pros and cons of ethnic diversity. Even though globalisation has been blamed for disturbing and breaking the traditional ethnic interests, presence of individual ethnic beliefs, customary reactions is deeply embedded within families and parents.

To educate the young souls and develop them to face the social challenges, daily life situation in a comfortable way one need to re-build their teaching spirits. That is to say, when you are address a group of students who resemble a cross cultural appearance and made the classroom named as a ‘global classroom’ you are to gain some insight about what each student would prefer. Being a teacher you are supposed to add new ‘spice’ or what we call as ‘teaching techniques’ that should easily be understood by every child present in the classroom.

  • How migration and teacher training tips are closely related?

Teacher training course in Thailand meant for the aspiring and experienced teachers have actually addressed a few features relating to classroom management. The moment you are to address people from different social-economic and cultural background you need to plan the lesson accordingly.

For instance, if you are thinking to preach the moral rules which means it is really important to share and care living stars – be it human, animal and plant life. With children who resemble Christianity as their religion would easily relate that the very wisdom of mankind lies in embracing human life and its existence.

While Buddhist and Hindu children may sense the same thing but they have different stories to share. As a mark of a teacher you can actually arrange all the stories from the Bible, Buddhist manuscripts and the Hindu scriptures is that man should protect and preserve nature. Stories of Jesus Christ showering love and affection towards the shepherds, Lord Buddha and his seven incarnation tales, or Lord Krishna protecting the village people and who is worshipped as the protector of cattle and herdsthe palanhar’.

These stories create an impact in the minds of students or young learners, who can relate that even though some customary differences are there among the religions but the aim to care, spread love and nurture the value of human life.

Strategies best suited to champion the cross-cultural setting…

It is vital to use some latest teaching strategies part of the teacher training course in Thailand that would enable teachers to train them,

  • use reading sessions,
  • add drama to use the colour code and
  • real video impact so that the learners can relate and understand the same.

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