The Nuances of Cognitive Learning and How They Help the Future Nursery Educators

It is very important for the educators, who deal with early childhood education to be able to make an impression among the students and deliver lesson in the best possible manner. There are a number of strategies that can be helpful for the educators in developing their ability to teach the young learners and one of them is cognitive learning. In this blog we will have a look at how the nuances of cognitive learning can help the learners of an online certificate in nursery teacher training course to become able educators and learn the various ways to help the students gain maximum benefits out of a class.

What is cognitive learning?

Cognitive learning involves a number of tasks the brain does continuously. They are procedures in charge of processing all the information one can receive from the environment. Thanks to this cognitive learning, cognition exists and it allows people to explore the world.

A harmonious interaction between cognitive learning and the future educators, especially those who are currently pursuing an online certificate in nursery teacher training course is fundamental so that they can analyze reality adequately and adapt to it. Thanks to the various processes involved in it that this cognitive learning can be flexible to changes and demands of the situation.

Below we will have a look at the different types of approaches that are involved in the process of cognitive learning.

1. Perception

We are continuously using our perception without even noticing it. We are conscious of other people’s movements, messages we receive on our phone, food flavors, our posture, etc. Our past experiences also play a part in the interpretation of different stimuli. Through the usage of perceptive approach, the learners of an online certificate in nursery teacher training course can look to make the overall cognitive learning more impactful for the young learners.

2. Attention

Attention is the cognitive process that makes it possible to position ourselves towards relevant stimuli and consequently respond to it. The future educators can look to inculcate this cognitive approach in them to help them attract the attention of the students, which is very essential to do, especially in case of the teachers who handle young learners.

3. Memory

It is very important for any educator to inculcate this cognitive approach if he/she wants to succeed in the sphere of delivering a comprehensive content to the young learners, especially in case of the learners pursuing online certificate in nursery teacher training course. Cognitive processes such as memory are essential for daily life. Memory, as a cognitive process, includes encoding, storage, and retrieval. Encoding refers to the mechanism where information is changed from the moment it reaches us to a form that our brain can store. Storage refers to how long the memory lasts for (duration), how much can be stored at any time (capacity) and what kind of information is held.  Finally, retrieval refers to getting information out of storage.

4. Intelligence

The learner of an online certificate in nursery teacher training course can always work to strengthen the different types of intelligence and they shouldn’t limit themselves to a number given from a specific intelligence test. This helps in the creation of an atmosphere conducive for the development of the overall teaching-learning procedure, which caters to the development of the future educators and the students under them.

5. Language

Language development is produced all throughout our lifetime. The communicative skills of each person vary significantly and can be improved by practice. Some language disorders especially make it difficult to communicate for different reasons, although it is also possible to help people with these problems. Cognitive processes involved in language are fundamental in learning how to effectively communicate, especially for the learners of an online certificate in nursery teacher training course who need to communicate well with their students, who are generally children.

Here are a few reasons by means of which a future educator can improve the understanding about the students under his/her tutelage and develop a sense of cognition towards the online certificate in nursery teacher training course.

  • Technology

Today there are different activities a future educator should know about during his/her training period and can implement to train the young learners in a fun and simple way. This is done through fun games and activities that can strengthen and rehabilitate cognitive processes such as memory, planning, visual scanning, and shifting. These activities adapt to children and a learner of an online certificate in nursery teacher training course can compare the results with people all around the world.

  • Appraisal

Appraisals are important since they show the educators as well as the students their progress and where they might need to make more efforts to continue advancing. It’s essential that the future educator believe in him/herself and his/her ability to strengthen the cognitive processes. It’s a matter of practicing and developing self-confidence.

  • Critical Thinking

The learner of an online certificate in nursery teacher training course allows for critical thinking to develop, and in turn increases their ability of reasoning, creativity, and language. Curiosity is essential in order to develop anyone’s full potential. Critical thinking can be developed from childhood, by asking children to explain, reason and debate their decisions and actions and a future nursery educator should be well aware of that.

  • Reading

Reading implies lots of cognitive processes, which can be very helpful for the learner of an online certificate in nursery teacher training course as they look to develop the young learners. Other than producing great satisfaction and knowledge, reading is also a way to learn to focus and work on the communication skills of both the students as well as teachers.

  • Creative activities

Creativity allows the future nursery educator to develop their intelligence, concentration, problem-solving, sustained attention and ability to de-stress and relax. Creativity is all about practice and perseverance, which is essential for the development of a learner of an online certificate in nursery teacher training course.

  • Problem solving

Solving problems is a way to strengthen cognitive processes, therefore, starting at a young age is important. Giving clues is a perfect way to encourage children to think outside the box and solve their own problems and a future educator should inculcate and implement the cognitive learning process in order to make the overall teaching-learning process more incisive and impactful.

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