The Secret of 21st Century Teaching

The parameters of education have altered dramatically over the past ages. As a teacher you are working on your skills to equip the kids with the expertise desirable in order to succeed in the 21st century world. In addition you must foster learning surroundings which raise the spirits of critical thinking, creativity, problem solving skill, communication ability and responsibility. Pre and primary teachers prepare children for their future ahead. Today’s children are native with the uses of the Internet. To link with these children, you need to learn to voice their language and be conversant with the skill needed to teach young learners. Integrating technology in the education and teaching mean tapping into interests and giving that inspiring learning opportunities. As a teacher you need to keep up with the latest approach, as well as express consideration about how to use the modern apparatus to enhance learning. You need to stress the importance of many groundbreaking tools which can enhance student learning.You can further facilitate goal setting through the use of charts, games, books, blocks for early learners helping them in reading and writing.

Effective teachers are increasingly using a student centered approach encouraging interaction among the students themselves.  As a teacher you need to allow kids to discuss class materials with buddies or in groups, thus make the most of the level of participation. You can turn classrooms into lively scenes of movement, a variety of activity sheets are useful for cooperative learning. Naturally, this approach asks more from you. It can be easy to mixture math, science, language or social studies content with reading or writing. However, it is more challenging to teach all the subjects at once. Allowing kids to select activities based on zones of interest is a new great way to differentiate. Offering selections is an excellent motivator for kids.In contrast to the traditional teaching of subjects in isolation, teaching multiple subjects at the same time can help students go much deeper in learning ideas and skills.

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There are many types of teaching methods. Project based learning includes kids carrying out a project which ends up with a solid result to teach them. Problem based learning requires the teacher to monitor kids in developing answers to real world problems. In inquiry based learning, kids make their own questions according to their inquisitiveness or interests, which they then explore. These methods work so well because here you do not simply tell the young learners what they should know, but instead  engage kids in exploring and uncovering the information in a more meaningful way in which all the subjects come into play together. What you need to do is an Assessment for Learning, a process used by teachers to help them modify instruction to match learners who have not fully gripped the preceding content yet. To avoid this difficult situation, you can monitor how the kids are learning as you are teaching, using remarks, class discussions, learning tools, assessments, and group work, among other methods. You can measure the progress of a single kid, groups, or the whole class, and you can adjust the procedure by supporting as well as challenging young students as needed. Pre and primary teachers training support learning by providing the skills, activities and materials which have important role in the kids’ classroom.

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