Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a TEFL or TESOL Course

Acquiring the expertise you need to teach English as a second language is a serious dealing and requires quality guidance and a high level of professionalism. Right now there are various TEFL schools mushrooming all over the place, all claiming that their course is improved than the rest or, that they present the most recognized TEFL certificate. With so many organizations offering a TESOL/TEFL course all over the world, finding the best service can be a real challenge. It can be a daunting duty trying to opt for the right TEFL course in a mine field of options. How to tell which is good and bad? If you are planning to sign up for a TESOL or a TEFL course, it would be sensible to keep in your mind some key points.
Here are the things you should look out for when choosing a TEFL course :
Look of the website :
The website containing information regarding the course should look professional and well organized. If a TEFL institution can not arrange a website properly then you can not really expect them to put in order an international TEFL course properly. Also carefully check the grammar and the spelling of the web content – it is  hard to even imagine that international English language teachers can fail in English spelling and grammar.
Reputation of the institution :
When searching for a TESOL or TEFL course in any part of the world you need to methodically check the status of the service provider before opting for the course. There have been many cases where the applicants have got a raw deal where the websites are well recognized on the internet but in reality they are providing poor facilities and not delivering on commitments heading the list of common complaints. The internet also helps to identify institutions with a strong name in the market place. By doing a simple search on Google using keys such as ‘TESOL TEFL course in India / Bangkok review’ a huge number of helpful websites will be put on show.
Experience of the TEFL trainers :
The TEFL trainers are the major part of the TEFL course. They should be well experienced and qualified. Hence the qualification of the TEFL trainers needs to be checked.
Google ranking :
SEO plays a major part. The websites which top the Google search are generally more reliable and searched or accessed.
Accreditation of the course :
When looking for a TESOL or TEFL course you should never overlook the accreditation aspect. The main thing is that a TESOL or a TEFL course needs to truly meet international standards, it must be accredited by some international organizations, a reputed university or international colleges; in class courses should have a minimum of 6 hours of critically assessed teaching practice and involve face to face instruction.
Support from the course coordinators :
The before , during and after course support of a particular TESOL or TEFL course offers should also be taken into consideration while preparing to enrol in a course. The TEFL or TESOL course coordinators should be contacted for proper guidance. Also confirm if there is the job support once the TESOL or TEFL course is finished.
Make sure that you opt for a reputable TEFL course which will give you the poise to walk into a room full of eager non native faces and you lead them towards the correct path.

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