Topmost FAQs of 21st Century Framework Based Online TEFL Program

What is online TEFL?

Which online TEFL course should I take?

Are online TEFL courses internationally acceptable?

Are online TEFL courses genuine?

Well, there are many more and your answers to the most popular and frequently asked questions about online TEFL are here:

Teaching English abroad is a popular choice of career among young professionals today, no matter what their preliminary field of learning. The worldwide demand for English language speakers has created a surplus of ESL jobs across the world which leads to 21st century framework-based ESL professionals. In order to become one, you don’t have to have a major in the subject Education or even you don’t need to have any prior classroom knowledge to teach abroad. Teaching English abroad needs very minimal requirements for example being fluent in English, having a college degree and a lot of teaching positions around the world will need you to have a TEFL certification.

But you may ask what it means.

The term TEFL is an acronym for “Teaching English as a Foreign Language”. This is an internationally recognized certification that trains you in the basics of the subject by following an accredited curriculum. Usually, the program includes around 100+ hours of teaching and the coursework as well as the live practice with students.

Why an online course?

Well, the cost and ease are the major advantages of online TEFL programs, especially at this time where the whole world is going through a pandemic and you are spending your days at home. These courses can be completed from any computer anywhere in the world, and completion of the program qualifies you for several ESL teaching positions worldwide. The TEFL certificates are legitimate for life, they do not expire!

Though there are some schools that only hire teachers who are English speakers, but most trustworthy institutions will have a list of their hiring requirements that include the TEFL training and certification of at least 100+ hours with teaching experience (sometimes) along with a bachelor’s degree. The increasingly competitive TEFL market is evolving and in order to survive, having at least a general TEFL certification is helpful.

Which online course should you take?

Absolutely. An internationally accredited one you should opt for! Therefore, one of the greatest ways to distinguish that you are enrolling in a reputable online TEFL program is to ensure that the institution is internationally validated by a highly regarded accrediting organization. Ask these following questions to your course providers:

  • Is the course provider internationally accredited and can you confirm that accreditation?
  • Are any of the programs offered for university credit?
  • Does the provider have a physical location where you can contact program administrators?
  • Are the TEFL course tutors qualified professionals?
  • What kind of communication do online students have with these tutors?
  • Is any of the programs offer free placement assistance with teaching practice?

These questions will help you to find out the best online program for your career.

How do online TEFL programs work?

The authentic online courses provide tutor guidance with professional experience. These programs can be completed at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. With the assignments, webinar sessions, live teaching-learning interactive sessions, Webex, chat, live lecture sessions, etc. the learners learn. When you are logged into the online course portals, you will see all the grades for completed tasks and this is how you will know your grades. Your instructor will give feedback and comments on all your tasks.   

Where can you teach with an online TEFL certification?

Well, it opens the world to you when it comes to teaching jobs overseas. Online certifications are recognized and acknowledged worldwide, and the provinces where online TEFL is most generally accepted are Latin America and Asia. The age is web-based learning period and you cannot ignore the growing demand for the online TEFL educator as well.

Will an online certificate prepare you for a classroom?

Absolutely, an online certification will completely facilitate to prepare you for a classroom. Though it may seem outlandish most of the people don’t know how much theory and methodology is implicated in effective teaching practices. You’ll learn the basic philosophy of teaching English as a foreign language with lesson planning, and build up skills in teaching reading, writing, listening and speaking throughout the program. You’ll also learn teaching activities and games for a classroom and how to apply different teaching software as well as the Internet to your lesson plans.

Are the online TEFL courses authentic?

The answer is yes. Online certification is being recognized by language schools worldwide. If you see there are some unfavourable reviews about a specific online course, then consider taking suggestions from those who previously pursued the course and benefitted from it. If a company is willing to accept the online certification as a valid license, then you cannot doubt about the authenticity of the certificate course you have completed.

Well, no matter what profession you end up pursuing in the long run, online TEFL will train you with all the ESL teaching tools and this will be a priceless addition to any resume. This will be an accomplishment that you can list on your resume as the testimony of your knowledge. The ESL teaching skills as well as the knowledge that you acquire as a teacher will be appropriate to an extensive variety of fields throughout your life. After all, the goal is to teach English abroad.

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