Vietnam – Opening the Doors of Educational Freedom

The education development strategy focuses on educational scopes and techniques and methodologies which are being implemented for teachers training to meet better training needs of the society. The educational quality at all training levels is improving and the management of educational quality is giving more attention to the rising needs of the same.

teacher training course in Vietnam

Progresses in education

Education plays an important role and task in the construction of a new generation of Vietnamese people, meeting the requirements of social and economic development. Focus on educational development is necessary because it provides the professional teacher training course in Vietnam which trains teachers to be qualified to meet the surging demands.

The development objective of Teacher education programs for children and the youth is to strengthen their development stages from the very formative stages. Teacher education institutions imparting primary teacher training course in Vietnam aims to enhance teacher and principal effectiveness through improved continuous professional development.

One of Vietnam’s most striking characteristics is the youthfulness of the population, which combined with the overwhelming desirability of English as a job qualification, has created an enormous demand for learning English, and there are now plentiful opportunities for English teachers.

An excellent location for further educational opportunities:

Vietnam is an excellent location to earn a certification abroad, because of the low cost of living and abundant opportunities to teach in Vietnam after training. The government has placed a high focus on learning English as a second language, by setting a goal for the majority of Vietnamese students to speak English confidently by 2020.

Traditionally, education has been of great importance to the Vietnamese and teachers enjoy great respect and prestige in the society. Teacher quality matters the most and Vietnam has laid a solid foundation by professionalizing its teaching force with teacher training course in Vietnam and establishing standards around teacher content knowledge, skills, and dispositions.

Fostering positive development:

The primary teachers training provides better quality schooling that fosters higher-order cognitive and behavioural skills, such as creative and critical thinking for young learners. The main task of teacher education is to learn new methods of instruction and teacher education needs to be strengthened to allow them to acquire these new methods.

These programs include in-depth “hands-on” practical skills and occupational theory required for performing the occupation they practise. In addition, competence in general education and occupation-specific specialisation in teaching & learning methods and methodologies is also trained through these programs.

A great deal of international assistance is provided for the promotion of this type of teacher education. The advanced teacher training establishes a new framework for the provision of training, retraining and continuous professional development to school teachers and principals in order to meet the requirements.

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