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Bachelor’s in Pre and Primary Teachers Training

If you desire for a fulfilling teaching career as a pre and primary educator, then you should enroll in Asian College of Teachers’ Bachelors in Pre and Primary Teachers Training program. As pre and primary teaching is meant to accelerate the learning and development among children, it also calls for every pre and primary educator to get trained in teaching skills and instructional strategies to promote effective learning. Pursuing this 2 years comprehensive program will equip you with the modern methodologies of pre and primary teaching addressed to children belonging to the age group of 2 to 12 years assisting you to transform into an efficient pre and primary teacher. |Read More|

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Master’s in Pre and Primary Teachers Training

Pre and primary teachers mould the future of children by imparting productive teachings and guidance to them. A pre and primary educator is always in charge of building a positive ambience in the classroom so that it helps to carry out learning through stimulating activities and lessons inside classroom. If you aspire to continue your career in the pre-primary education, then pursuing Asian College of Teachers’ Masters in Pre and Primary Teachers Training can be the best option. The 1 year program will provide you with a comprehensive training on diverse teaching procedures and methods that will aid in student development in pre and primary classrooms emphasizing the age group of 2 to 12 years old. |Read More|

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Master’s in Educational Administration and Management

Asian College of Teachers’ Master’s in Educational Administration and Management is an advanced course aimed at academicians who are interested to acquire adequate skills and knowledge related to educational leadership. This course is aimed at teaching professionals who aspire to be education leaders who will be able to implement effective strategies while working towards a continuous improvement of learning environment and create a professional culture that meet the individual needs of students and staff alike. ACT in collaboration with Pebble Hills University is offering MA in Educational Administration and Management which is a one year extensive program covering every aspect of educational administration and management. The candidates will be awarded a globally recognized certificate from Pebble Hills University on successful completion of Master’s in Educational Administration and Management. The certificates awarded have an added advantage as the word “Online” is not mentioned in the certificates. |Read More|


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Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is the leading institution in Asia dedicated to producing future global educators who will not only be equipped with contemporary teaching techniques but will show a deeper understanding of teaching methodologies which they can put into practice in diverse classrooms across the globe.

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