New Schools For Special Kids Are Now A Walk In The Park

New Schools for Special KidsWe, the adults, understand the basic concept that change is the only constant structure of nature that is predominating since the Big Bang. However, for the children accepting a change in the system is to some extent difficult. Instead of getting adapted to the changed pattern, they start wondering that why the earlier measures no more persist.

The most important thing to be kept in mind while changing the school of a special kid is that a new system should sink in the mind of the kid. It is a big challenge for the parents to make their children feel safe whenever they plan for changing the school.

Teachers who have taken special education courses have learned about multiple scenarios where the kids with extraordinary gifts face hindrance in the path of their growth and development. The special education needs (SEN) courses for teachers provide a well-structured curriculum to the teachers where they recognize the needs of the special kids.

Besides regular classes, they get opportunities to participate in several internships and activity-based learning procedures. Those techniques have eventually trained them to deal with gifted kids and make them feel normal like any other child. They become a great help to the parents when the latter decides to send their kids to the new school.

Reasons why special kids want to stick to the same environment?

Specially-abled children withstand a lot of difficulties. Serious issues like anxiety disorder, autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, OCD, etc. do impact the social interaction of the special kids. The parents, therefore, have to remain thoroughly cautious while checking the new environment for their children.

The idea of getting into a new ambiance often scares the children. Well, we have to admit one harsh truth that not everyone in the world is generous and kind-hearted. There have been incidents where children with special abilities are being felt embarrassed due to their behavior. Such cases generally initiate a state of trauma inside a child's mind.

Consequently, a child with special abilities reacts otherwise when it comes to introducing him/her to a new framework. The special children are extremely sensitive. They can understand when they are being mocked by other people. Few terrible people point at them saying children with disabilities, which hurts their self-confidence, self-esteem, and makes them feel highly insecure.

It has been observed that all such reasons restrict the special kids to move to a new system, be it a school or a whole new set of the locality.

Points to be remembered while special kids change schools:

Parents confront a difficult state when the special kids disagree with the fact of changing schools. The thought of adjusting to a new system seems hard to the children but sometimes it becomes necessary. It might be due to the change of work location of the parents, a degradation in the existing environment, drastic change in culture, and the list are endless.

But the best news is that with proper planning and taking accurate steps, the parents can crack the deal! The process of transition is indeed crucial as well as important and the parents must take this challenge sportingly. They must be optimistic enough to go through the phase and make their special children feel more special and cozy.

A few points must be kept in mind will changing the school of the special kids:

Talk with the child:

This should be the very first step. It is the responsibility of the parents to let the child know that within the next few days they shall experience a new environment. They must ask the children what they have been experiencing in the existing school.

There might have been circumstances that the children have suppressed among themselves. It is high time that the parents should talk about it openly. Until and unless they realize what difficulties the kids are facing, it will be difficult for them too to adjust to a new system. Any kind of stress should be gotten rid of. Parents should let their children rant or vent out any kind of stress that is affecting their mental health adversely. Understanding loads of the special kids will wipe out half the problems.


The best possible way to make gifted children feel secure is by telling them that they are not the only beings who undergo stress, anxiety, dejection, and hopelessness. Parents can share incidents where they have felt the ultimate level of sorrow. This will make the children feel they're not alone in this marathon.

Whenever the special kids feel that everyone else feels equally tensed or sad, they get a hunch that they're not the only strugglers. They begin to develop a dose of confidence and prepare themselves to face new challenges. They start acting positively to shift to a new environment.

Crystal clear communication:

Whatever be the scene, communication has always been a key factor in winning any kind of battle. Does not matter how tough the situation is, or who are the opponents, if communication among partners is clear and fair nobody can defeat them.

Similarly, when the parents communicate freely with the children both the parties feel relaxed and peaceful. The parents should be fair enough to let their gifted children understand that it is okay to be nervous on day one of a new school. They must tell the children that sometimes it is okay not to be okay.

The specially-abled children must be taught that being nervous initially is not at all something to be frowned upon. Rather, the state of nervousness will make them more cautious and mature.


Since the transition process is not a very regular case for the special kids, they will end up complaining that they miss their old friends. In that case, they can be told that adapting to a new place will strengthen their skills. Parents can tell them that true friends never leave and they can visit the old habitat sometimes to catch up with their old friends.

Often the special kids become scared at the topic of entering into a new system owing to the trauma they have encountered. Over here, the parents can act wise by telling them that not everyone is the same.

This world is having good people as well as bad people. Whenever a bad person will try to misbehave with them, the special kids must acknowledge the fact that it is the lack of generosity of those people. These kids should never feel that they are at any fault.

Parents should never promise the kids that they are going to love the new school. This might raise the level of their expectations from the new environment. Instead, they should let the gifted children know how proud they are of their courage to step into a new system.

Getting acquainted with the new system:

Parents should get themselves familiarized with the new system where their children will be a part. While visiting the school for the admission process, they should make sure that the children are a part of the tour.

The children with special abilities should be introduced to the special education teachers. Once they get to know their teachers, these gifted children will not feel ill at ease. They can freely communicate with the educators.

The parents must have a clear conversation with the special education educators. The tutors should be aware of the mental state of the children. They must understand the emotional layer of the children and should speak with them with utmost care and attention.

Arranging a playdate session is a major step. It is extremely significant in the growth process of special children. A playdate session is where the kids get an opportunity to get along with the new surrounding. They can actively participate in a full-fledged classroom session which will enhance their ability to get along with the new structure smoothly.

It is the prime responsibility of the parents as well as the educators to help the special kids have a tour around the school. The kids can walk through the corridor, visit the garden, be a part of the playroom, check the washrooms, visit the prayer hall, and so on. In a nutshell, this transition process should be butter-smooth for the special kids to get adapted to the new system.

Communication with the special education teachers:

One of the notable steps while introducing the special kids to the new system is a thorough conversation with the special education tutors.

The therapists or the special education tutors must have a detailed history of the special children. They must be aware of the difficulties the kids have faced earlier. They should also understand the basic fears of the kids which generate a state of anxiety among the students.

The tutor must learn about the background the special kid id belonging to. He/she must have sufficient data to analyze the mental state of the children. Certain things like divorced parents, single parenthood, death in a family, the birth of a new child in a family create a huge impact on the mental well-being of gifted children.

A special kid has lots of talents and they love exploring new genres of interests. While some of them might love painting, another bunch may be a big fan of music. Learning the areas of interest of these kids is one of the most vital jobs of a tutor. Knowing about what makes these kids happy solves a lot of problems.

Another essential stratum that should be taken care of is what the kids are suffering from. Children having ADHD deserves a different method of teaching than those dealing with autism. Learning disabilities (LD) are a common thing that is often discovered. LD requires a different set of training than the other cases.

Thus, tutors must have a clear conversation with the parents in order to formulate the best strategy to teach the special kids. Perfect learning styles ensure a glowing rate of progress in gifted children. The educators should also have a clear vision of the behavioral pattern of the kids.

To wrap up with:

Parents should always be sensitive to special kids. Having their consent increases their sense of confidence and motivates them to take active involvement in multiple scenarios. Sharing real-life stories with special kids, reading them stories with high moral values, telling them how courageous and kind-hearted they are, etc., usually makes them feel gifted and special. Here, special education courses will help!

These children with special abilities deserve every bit of happiness and respect. It is the core responsibility of the special education teachers and the parents to educate them in a way that will always highlight their talents.

Student Reviews


Full of knowledge and useful information, suggestion for lesson plan and ideas for support learning. The knowledge, as mother and "home" teacher was incomplete, after this course I'm feel more comfortable in these topics.

Catherine Streng

Catherine Streng

It was hard work but I learned a lot. Because of this it was well worth it and I am well on my way to succeeding in my goal to become an English teacher in Asia. Instead of being scared as I previously was, I am only a little bit nervous now that I have this experience under my belt.

Joseph Cachia

Joseph Cachia

It was a challenge for me as it been a long time since I had done any academic studying but the course was structured well overall as the course progressed I was relating more to what I was doing at school and implementing them and seeing results I could see my self-confidence growing thru the course.

Melissa Laurin

Melissa Laurin

The course was very informative and I really liked the fact that I could do the Work on my own time. That made less pressure and I could do my best work for the assignments.

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