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Asian College of Teachers offers a rangeof Education Management and Leadership coursesthatare exclusively tailored for aspirants willing to hold management and administrative positions in various educational institutions. These courses primarily put emphasis on the solutions, essential for the senior educational professionals exploring different aspects of management and leadership in the learning institutions. Those willing to pursue one of our educational administration and management courses, will have a complete know how of the various fundamentals required to excel in decision making, finance management, institutional planning and other management approaches.

Educational Administration and Management
Certificate in Educational Administration and Management

If you want to be associated with the administrative department of an educational organization and navigate management functions then you need a specialized training to learn the strategies and methods. Asian College of Teachers offers a Certificate in Educational Administration and Management program that can boost your career towards the goal as you will be awarded a globally recognized certificate on completion. The education management course, will guide you about administrative roles, leadership and management strategies. You need to be a graduate to apply for these 4 months program. The program is in online mode and you will get tutor support and study materials at a reasonable price |Read More|

Educational Administration and Management
Diploma in Educational Administration and Management

If you want to become a reflective and dynamic leader in administrative and management division of an educational institute then you may enroll in Asian College of Teachers’ Diploma in Educational Administration and Management program. The program is developed to meet the demand for trained manpower in administrative and management positions which will make it easier to find a job with the support of a globally recognized certificate awarded on completion of the program. This educational administration and management coursewill give a comprehensive idea about the theoretical and practical aspects of educational administration and management. Graduation is the minimum eligibility criterion and tutor support is provided throughout. |Read More|

PG Diploma in Education Leadership
PG Diploma in Education Leadership

If you are aspiring for a leadership position with effective administrative and management skills in educational institutions then you need to pursue our online PG Diploma in Education Leadership program to better understand the leadership and management process. Completion of the course will provide you with a globally recognized certificate. You can pursue this 1 year program from any part of the globe in online mode at reasonable course fee. Complete tutor guidance during the program will be provided to you. A bachelor’s degree is all you need to apply for this program. Both working and aspiring teachers are eligible to apply. |Read More|

PG Diploma in Education Management
PG Diploma in Education Management

PG Diploma in Education Management course offered by Asian College of Teachers is designed for aspirants planning to make a foray into the management and administrative arena of educational institutions. Possessing a detailed knowledge on leadership and management will help you to find administrative and management jobs in near future as it will develop your skills and award you a teaching professionals about to switch over to an administrative role or preparing for a management career in education.You only need a Bachelor’s degree to apply for this program. Topics include management approaches, institutional planning, supervision and inspection, etc. |Read More|

Master of Arts in Education with Leadership and Administration

The Master of Arts in Education with Leadership and Administration, offered by Asian college of Teachers in academic collaboration with European International University (ACT-EIU Paris)via online modecan be availed by individuals across the globe. The course is especially designed for professionals aimed at developing the administrative and leadership skills, willing to foray beyond their professional domain and embrace more significant roles in the administration and management of educational institutions. Candidates enrolling in the MA in Education with Leadership and Administration course will be awarded the degree by the European International University (EIU-Paris). |Read More|

Education Management & Leadership - Live Online Workshop

Become a confident and competent education manager and leader with our customized Education Management and Leadership live online workshops. Learn about professional development and gain in-depth knowledge in education management and administration and overcome the challenges faced by school managers and leaders in education all over the world. Our live online workshops are conducted by experienced academicians and industry experts and cover topics which are currently trending. You will get the opportunity to interact with expert trainers and peers and examine different teaching and learning methods, reflect upon emerging trends and will learn to apply your learning of leadership approaches to your practice. |Read More|


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