TEFL Courses

TEFL course locations

Over the recent years TEFL courses have garnered tremendous popularity across the world predominantly in the non English speaking countries. With Asia being one of the biggest TEFL markets a TEFL aspirant can have many adventurous stints while teaching in Asia owing to the exotic locales with picturesque beauty and endless fun. Those who are willing to get into EFL/ESL teaching field must opt for an internally accepted TEFL program of minimum 120 hours. Successful completion of the program will make them acquainted with the teaching skills and methodologies that will support them to emerge as effective EFL/ESL teachers abroad. Those with TEFL certifications are being valued a lot helping them to fetch teaching English jobs all over Asia where there are surging demands for EFL/ESL teachers.

Multiple TEFL locations in Asia

Asia comprises of multiple locations that offer a wide range of TEFL courses for the EFL/ESL teaching aspirants. Holding a Bachelors degree along with a TEFL certificate can be very gainful for an aspirant to bag a fruitful EFL/ESL teaching job in a reputed educational institution. TEFL teachers actually can have a great time teaching ESL/EFL in Asia where great learning opportunities and endless teaching English jobs await. South East Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines offer plentiful teaching job opportunities to the aspiring EFL/ESL teachers. Thailand has a huge market for TEFL jobs with exotic locales and warm people letting one settle there comfortably. Thailand is dotted with beautiful locations which the EFL/ESL teachers will get the chance to traverse once they start working there. Like Thailand, the other nations like Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines too offer ample opportunities of comfortable lodging, mouth watering cuisine and a lot more; these places can be dream TEFL locations for one and all with wanderlust and a passion for teaching.

South Korea and China are popular TEFL destinations

South Korea and China are the two nations which have gained much popularity as TEFL course destinations. TEFL learners can expect to experience unique culture and cuisine while pursuing the programs. South Korea is presently focusing more on increasing the English language ability of the native Korean teachers as well; therefore there is no dearth of TEFL jobs in South Korea. South Korea is another TEFL destination which offers a stark contrast of orient and occident, with cities like Seoul and Busan offering the best night life and culinary options. Besides, a TEFL teacher in South Korea expects to have reimbursed air tickets, free accommodation in furnished housing, two to four weeks of paid vacation and a lot more. With its booming economic growth and a huge population, there is a huge requirement of TEFL teachers in China making China a great TEFL location. Apart from offering the amalgamated mix, China which offers an interesting mix of ancient civilization and modern lifestyle provides its teachers with reimbursed airfare, superb pay packages and furnished housing. As the accommodation of the TEFL aspirants are being usually arranged by the institute, they will get a pile of time left in their hands even after attending classes regularly and explore the remarkable locales to the fullest. Those who truly desire to be an ideal EFL/ESL teacher by profession must go to Asia to pursue a productive teaching English career there followed by an exciting life.

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