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Montessori is recognized as a method of education which is based mainly on hands-on learning, self-directed creativity as well as collaborative play. The children in the Montessori classrooms tend to make various types of creative choices when they learn. Simultaneously, a Montessori teacher has to offer an age appropriate activity (to the child) in order to guide the whole process of their learning during the classroom sessions. Most of the children function in groups as well as individually to explore knowledge in order to utilize their maximum potential. Montessori classrooms are wonderfully designed for children within a specific age group. The idea that experiential learning in classrooms can contribute to a deeper understanding of Science, Mathematics, Language as well as social interactions was discovered by Dr. Maria Montessori. If you plan to become a successful Montessori teacher, you can opt for ACT’s Montessori Teacher Training courses which will help you to have the right kind of approaches in a 21st Century classroom. You can pursue your Montessori Teacher Training online, from anywhere in the world with flexible timing and at your own pace.

Montessori Teachers Training
Certificate in Montessori Teachers Training

If you are planning to be a Montessori teacher then Certificate in Montessori Teachers Training courseoffered by Asian College of Teachers will help you understand the specialized format to teach kids and create a proper environment for them. The program will provide a guideline on Montessori teaching approach and will enhance your analytical and observation skills. It is a 60 hours program that can also be completed in 4 months. You can pursue the Montessori training online,at a reasonable price. The program will give a boost to your teaching career as you will be awarded a globally recognized certificate after completion of the program. |Read More|

Montessori Teachers Training
Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training

If you are an aspiring Montessori teacher and looking for a comprehensive program then you enroll in Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training offered by Asian College of Teachers which will provide you with an understanding of the Montessori approach to teaching young learners. You will come to know about the Montessori teaching methods, strategies and ideologies in this 120 hours online Montessori Teaching course. Experienced as well as aspiring teachers can apply for the program with minimum eligibility criterion being 10+2. Get trained in effective teaching styles devised by Dr Maria Montessori, complete tutor support and study materials and a globally recognized certificate after successful completion |Read More|

Montessori Teachers Training
Post Graduate Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training

A Montessori classroom is designed as an educational playground and as a Montessori teacher you will require the skills and adequate training to prepare that for your learners. Asian College of Teachers offers Post Graduate Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training that will help you to enhance your teaching skills and gain an in-depth knowledge on how to deal with kids in a prepared environment. It is a 240 hours detailed program which can be pursued from any part of the globe. It is conducted in online mode and can be availed at a reasonable course fee. You will get complete tutor support, study materials and a globally recognized certificate after successful completion. |Read More|


Teachers Training for Next Generation Kids.

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is the leading institution in Asia dedicated to producing future global educators who will not only be equipped with contemporary teaching techniques but will show a deeper understanding of teaching methodologies which they can put into practice in diverse classrooms across the globe.

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