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Certificate in Psychology

Certificate in Psychology

If you are a teacher, looking to foray into the field of psychology, then enroll yourself in an online Certificate in Psychology course offered by Asian College of Teachers (ACT). The course is perfect for you as it aims at acquainting the aspirants with the central principles, terminology, theories, and knowledge base related to psychology. The course is beneficial also because it involves wide range of assessment tools to enhance your own self-awareness and self-understanding so that you are able to upgrade yourself to such levels so as to provide the best services to the your learners.
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Certificate in Counselling Course

Certificate in Counselling Course

If you are looking to gain knowledge on counselling skills for your students at schools, then enrolling with Asian College of Teachers (ACT) will certainly be a smart move. The Certificate in Counselling course will introduce you with the counseling theories, qualities, techniques and skills to enable you to better understand the process of counseling the students in a better manner and the ways to develop a relationship with them that is based on trust, understanding and at the same time is therapeutic and meaningful. Enrolling with us at ACT will not only ensure that you acquire the requisite set of skills to be able to successfully counsel young learners, but also become an empathetic human being in your personal life.
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Diploma in Counselling course

Diploma in Counselling Course

Diploma in Counselling course is an intensive online course focusing on the Counselling Theory and Skills required for you as an aspirant to have a fair idea on in order to have a career in Counselling Young Learners. The course provides a thorough knowledge on the various fields of Counselling such as basic concepts, techniques and skills, enabling you to apply them effectively in your professional life, after the completion of the course. The course will also help you to understand the counselling concept and process, in a better way and help them to build a healthy and meaningful relationship with the learners.
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P G Diploma in Counselling Children and Youth

P G Diploma in Counselling Children and Youth

The advanced course, Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Children and Youth benefits in equipping you with the various types of upgradation or knowledge base which is necessary to work efficiently as a counsellor or as an educator who has counselling abilities. The stimulating course acquaints you with the requisite training in the field of counselling, therapy and the various the psychodynamic and behavioural approaches. The course aims at providing you with the necessary boost in order to shine in your prospective counselling careers and also if you are already in this arena, it will provide you with all the required upgradation as there is a high demand for certified and skilled counsellors in schools, colleges, universities and various healthcare centres.
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PG Diploma in Counselling Children

P G Diploma in Counselling Children and Youth with Specialization in managing Trauma, Grief & Loss in Children

The advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Children and Youth with Specialization in managing Trauma, Grief & Loss in Children course will introduce you to the basic understanding of the counselling process and an overview of the child development with a focus on the theories and issues related to family, trauma, grief and loss, bullying etc. The main focus of the course is to deal with instilling the skills and approaches in you which are required in helping children and youth who may be facing any form of stressful situation or varied form of challenges that may range from school to relationship issues or death of their loved ones, separation/ divorce of their parents etc.
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