Diploma in Counselling courses

Diploma in Counselling Course

Diploma in Counselling course is an advanced course offered by Asian College of Teachers meant for both aspiring and working teaching professionals. The course has been developed keeping in mind the various theories and concepts that today’s teaching professionals need to be aware and establish themselves as a competent teaching professionals. Some of the topics included in the course range from the various approaches beneficial in Counselling -Freud’s Psychodynamic Approach, the behavioural approach; the humanistic approach; the cognitive-behavioural approach; the solution-focused approach; the narrative approach; the feminist approach; and the multicultural approach, etc. required for today’s 21st century teachers to possess. This will enable you as a teacher to better understand, and effectively deal with the challenges that the learners face in their lives.

  • Maximum duration of the program is of 6 months
  • Program can also be completed in fast track mode
  • The program which can be pursued from any corner of the globe

Diploma in Counselling is a contemporary program tailored for aspiring Educational Counsellors. The program which will equip you with the vital skills and methods related to the various functions of Education Counselling which will be completed in 6 months. The diploma course is offered in the online education mode and provides adequate flexibility to you as a candidate as you can pursue it from any part of the globe. The program proves to be highly beneficial for the academicians looking to gain knowledge on Education Counselling.

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  • High school Diploma (10+2)
  • Age limit of 18 years or above
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English
  • Aspiring as well as experienced teachers can apply

The candidates who are looking have an in-depth knowledge on Counselling skills for young learners in educational institutes will be the most benefitted by pursuing this Diploma Course. Even for experienced teachers who are looking to also act as Counsellors for their students will find this diploma course quite handy in upgrading their professional expertise. This course will certainly enable you to learn and acquaint yourself with a range of new things practiced in the field of Educational Counselling, and make you competent enough to also act as Counsellors in Educational institutes around the globe.

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  • Program is available in online mode
  • The program is offered at a reasonable price
  • Easy instalment/payment options available
  • Scholarship available for meritorious students

Diploma in Counselling course will equip you as an aspiring candidate with the contemporary counselling approaches which are widely and effectively used across the globe in diverse classrooms. The course focuses on guiding candidates into getting a good grasp of the approaches and techniques required for competent and successful Counsellors to possess. Moreover, the course has been prepared by extremely knowledgeable and well qualified professionals, lending the course with an international touch to it. The course fee has been kept at a fee of 850 USD applicable for all, keeping in mind the varied student base across the globe showing interest for our courses. Trainees with basic computer skills and an internet connection can take up this online course and can pursue it from any corner of the globe.

40,000 INR* 620 USD 450 GBP 20,200 THB

* Taxes as applicable

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  • Globally recognized certificate from ACT is awarded on successful completion
  • The word “Online” is not mentioned in the certificates

On successful completion of Diploma in Counselling course, you will be awarded a Globally Recognized Certificate from Asian College of Teachers, bearing the Authorised Signatures of the Course Developers, Mr. Mervin Strome and Ms. Ann Bale, both of whom are distinguished professionals in their professional fields and has been working in Education, Counselling, Psychology and Psychotherapy for over 30 years.

Mr. Mervin Strome – Mr. Mervin has a Master’s Degree in Counselling and worked as a counsellor in private practice and for professional counselling agencies.

Ms. Ann Bale – Ms. Ann has a Master’s Degree in Psychology, a Diploma in Clinical and Pastoral Counselling, and has completed a year of psychotherapy training.

The certificates awarded have an added advantage as the word “Online” will not be mentioned in the certificates. Shipment of certificates within India is done free of cost but if you are residing outside India, then you are required to pay an additional US $ 23 (South East Asian & Middle Eastern Countries) and US $ 32 (rest of the world) as Certificate Dispatch Fee. Generally after completion of the course, you need to pay the dispatch fee, and thereafter the certificate will be couriered to your address.

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  • Module 1: Introduction to Counselling Skills
  • Module 2: Exploring Effective Listening Skills
  • Module 3: Acquiring and Using Micro skills
  • Module 4: Introducing Egan’s The Skilled Helper Model
  • Module 5: Applying Egan’s The Skilled Helper Model
  • Module 6: Ethics in Counselling
  • Module 7: Introduction to Counselling Theory
  • Module 8: The Psychodynamic and Behavioural Approaches
  • Module 9: The Humanistic and Cognitive-Behavioural Approaches
  • Module 10: The Social Constructionist Approaches
  • Module 11: The Family Systems Approach
  • Module 12: The Feminist and Multicultural Approaches

The course consists of six knowledge and practice based learning modules (comprehensive course notes), supplemented with suggested background reading, reflection activities and submission of tutor-marked assignments. There is one marked assignment per module. The course is offered on a part-time basis and can be completed within six months. You can also complete the course in a shorter time frame.

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  • Easy admission process
  • Application to be submitted online
  • Opt for any online payment scheme

For enrolling in our Diploma in Counselling course, you need to fill up an online application form with all the relevant details along with the correct Email Id and Contact Number where all the communications will be forwarded. After submitting the Application Form, you will receive the Course Details via email and phone call from our Admission Executives. The Course Fee Payment Details will be mailed to you once it is confirmed from your end. The course fee can be paid through online payment using Debit / Credit Card or by depositing Cash, Cheque or Demand Draft in our bank account. After the payment is credited the candidates will be receiving payment confirmation with an online admission form via e-mail. You need to then fill up the same and submit it to get online access to the course.

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  • Complete tutor support throughout the course
  • Candidates can learn at their own pace
  • Additional support of background reading, reflection activities and reference materials

The candidates enrolling in Diploma in Counselling course can expect complete guidance from the course developers Mr. Mervin Strome and Ms. Ann Bale, who are committed to helping you as a candidate to achieve your learning goals. With years of valuable experience they provide great support to the trainees and guide them through all the aspects of teaching giving valuable advice in every step of the way. They extend their tutoring support by sharing relevant information and answering questions related to the course content. Since the course offers the candidates flexible learning they can take the opportunity to learn at their own pace and clear their queries and doubts as and when required. You can email their queries and as well as discuss any course related problem via email.

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Counsellors in educational institutes have been in demand in Western countries for quite some time now. However, the need for trained Counselling professionals in the world of academics has been fast catching up in Asian countries too, thereby shooting up their demand worldwide. Due to globalisation and with the changing scenario more and more people are aspiring to enter into this respectable profession and become experts in this field. These professionals address the numerous psychological and behavioural problems that individuals face in their lives and help them to be able to cope up with those problems and lead a better life.

With the correct amount of qualification and expertise, Counselling can certainly be a rewarding aspect for teaching professionals. After completing our Diploma Course, you may choose to focus on any arena from among the various fields like - Guidance & Career Counselling, School Counsellor, Mental Health Counsellors, etc. and then get excellent employment opportunities from various corporate organisations /educational institutes in the world around. This course will certainly add provide an edge to your teaching profession and provide you with better employment opportunities around the globe.

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