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Program FAQ


Q.Can you brief on ACT’s international presence?

Ans: Asian College of Teachers is a multiple award-wining teacher training organization registered in the UK with Asian headquarter in Bangkok, Thailand. ACT is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company and operating since 2007.

Q.What is a Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course all about?

Ans:The Pre & Primary Teacher Training Course (PPTTC) is meant for the teachers who aspire to teach from 2 years to 12 years. This course will make one eligible to cater to both Pre & Primary level students./p>

Q.Do I get a Diploma certificate?

Ans: You can get your certificate according to your choice of courses-Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Advanced Post Graduate Diploma as per the course of your choice.

Q.Am I eligible to teach in a Kindergarten school in Asia after doing the course?

Ans: Yes, surely you can teach Kindergarten students in Asia and elsewhere because it is an internationally recognized course.

Q.How important it is to have a teaching qualification to get a job in pre and primary, nursery or Montessori schools in countries like Thailand and Singapore?

Ans: A teaching qualification is a must to find employment in pre & primary, nursery and Montessori schools in countries like Thailand and Singapore. A Montessori, nursery or pre & primary teacher training certificate is required for the fresher /would-be teachers to apply for the teaching posts in schools. The employers are in need of qualified and well-trained teachers in order to educate the children. Hence it is very important to get certified in teacher training in order to get jobs easily in the competitive market anywhere in Asia.

Q.Can I find EFL/ESL jobs abroad after pursuing TEFL course from ACT?

Ans: Absolutely. TEFL certificate from ACT is recognized all over the world and moreover, all our TEFL courses are accredited by the world's largest TESOL accreditation body TESOL Canada & TESOL USA and the candidates get the option of appearing in the TESOL Canada Board Exam and receiving prestigious TESOL Canada and TESOL USA certificates notarized, attested and apostle by USA and Canadian Government and Embassy of UAE and India.

Q.How is ACT teacher training course different from others?

Ans: The courses offered by ACT are accredited, certified and endorsed by renowned international educational bodies. On successful completion of the course the trainees receive internationally recognized certificates. Moreover, those taking TEFL courses from ACT will get certificates accredited by TESOL Canada and will get the option to sit for TESOL Canada Board Exam. ACT has designed the course structure in a unique and comprehensive way incorporating global methodologies to make the course curriculum interactive and unconventional which are missing in other courses and it provides 100% job assistance on successful completion of the course.

Q.Do I get any help from tutors or teachers?

Ans: Yes, you will get constant help from our tutors. You can contact the tutors through mail and can also raise a ticket. Our tutors will guide you throughout the course and help you at every juncture. But we also expect serious efforts on the part of our students.

Q.How much salary can I expect?

Ans:Salary depends on the schools and varies from country to country. If you have previous teaching experience you can expect better salary.

Q.Is it a Montessori course?

Ans: This is a pre and primary teacher training course catering to the age group of two to six worldwide. We have a separate Montessori course.

Q.Can I also teach at primary level?

Ans:Yes, you surely can. You can actually teach from class one to class five which is the age group of seven to eleven.

Q.What is the training mode for these programs?

Ans: The training modes for the programs are in-class, online and live online.

Q.Can you elaborate on the online and live online modes?

Ans: In online mode we give you access to the software through a unique user ID & password through which you can access the study materials online 24x7. You can also save the Online study materials on your computer. In live online mode you can attend your classes online and can directly interact with your trainer and peers.

Q.Is this Government recognized program?

Ans: No. Asian College of Teachers is accredited by Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC) and its courses are accredited, certified, endorsed by international bodies of repute.

Q.Do you provide placement assistance also?

Ans: Yes, we do give our students 100% placement assistance once the candidates successfully complete the course.

Q.What is the duration of the course?

Ans:The course duration of Certificate course is 4 months, Diploma course is 8 months and P G Diploma course is 16 months in online mode.

Q.How do I do the teaching practice in online mode?

Ans: Microteaching is compulsory with the online courses. You have to create a microteaching video based on the instructions given and send it to your course coordinator. You will also be evaluated based on the microteaching video.

Q.Who are eligible?

Ans: Anyone with a 10+2 level qualification can apply for Certificate, Diploma and those with a Bachelor’s degree are welcome to enrol in P G Diploma, BA and MA Courses. If you have completed your school or college, then these programs can offer you good career options. Working teachers can also upgrade their teaching skills by pursuing these programs.

Q.Is teaching practice mandatory?

Ans: No, teaching practice is not a mandatory part of the course; however, if you can do it, it would be a valuable addition. It is recommended that you arrange for your teaching practice sessions at nearby pre & primary schools. ACT can assist you by providing a recommendation letter to the school authority to serve your purpose.

Q.Is there any exam?

Ans: No, there is no exam. The assignments sent by the candidates will be evaluated and feedback will be given based on that so as to enable them to know their errors which they can further work on to improve their teaching.

Q.When will I get the certificate?

Ans: You will get certified after you submit all the assignments which are evaluated by the tutors. On the basis of this assessment, the candidate is awarded the certificate.

Q.Will the schools accept my certificate?

Ans: Schools across the globe choose an internationally certified candidate over a normal Montessori certified teacher, as ACT provides courses which are accredited, certified and endorsed by international bodies of repute.

Q.Does the course include videos for me to watch?

Ans: There are videos provided in the course materials so that they get a better understanding of the course offered. The trainees can relate to these videos for learning each phase. The trainees also get an exposure and taste of the real-life teaching experience through these videos.

Q.Do you help me in job placement?

Ans: Since we are not any sort of a placement agency, we cannot guarantee a job at the end of the course but surely, we provide 100% job assistance across the globe. Our placement cell regularly posts job vacancies on Facebook groups and our websites. You also get access to our exclusive job portal.

Q.Can I directly enrol in a P G Diploma course?

Ans: Yes, if you have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.

Q.Will ACT certify if I opt for BA or MA in pre and primary teacher training?

Ans: Asian College of Teachers has collaborated with the reputed European International University (EIU Paris) for its Bachelor’s, Master’s and Professional Doctoral programs. So, if you opt for a B.Ed., an MA or a Professional Doctoral program, you will receive certificates from European International University and letter of participation from Asian College of Teachers.

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